Your Insights are the key to understanding your Subscriber’s behavior, give you a great opportunity to present the results of your work to leadership, and give you metrics to use in future strategic decisions. Before diving in please note: The only metrics inside of your Insights that pertain to Blasts are the Blast Metrics. All other Insights speak to Newsletters and Stories.

Your insights are separated into 5 sections:

The first set of metrics available are your Cross Channel Metrics. These will provide you metrics for all Channels that your Cerkl uses to communicate with your Subscribers. Each Channel has its own dedicated metrics page(Newsletter, Intranet, Mobile) showing only metrics from that Channel, while there is also an overview page which shows you Insights from all three Channels on metric graphs for you to compare your Subscribers behavior on one Channel to another.

Your Content Insights are going to give you metrics for each of the Stories that have been published on your Cerkl. Here you are able to the Categories and Segments that your Story was sent to along with behavioral metrics. You also have the ability to dive deeper into specific Story metrics to see Insights for each individual Subscriber and how they interacted with your Content on each Channel. To learn more about your Content Insights check out this article here.

Your Category Insights are going to give you metrics on the Categories that are tagged to the stories your Subscribers are engaging with the most. Your Category metrics are separated into two pages: Most Popular, and Opportunities. The Most Popular Category metrics will by default display your metrics of the most popular Categories that are your Organization's default Categories (set inside of your Content Controls).

The Opportunities Category Metrics will display the Categories that are popular among your Subscribers. The Categories in this list can be any Category that are tagged to your Stories and do not need to be one of your Default Organizational Categories. To learn more about these Category Insights pages check out this article here.

Your Audience Insights will provide you metrics on your Subscribers, Opt-Outs, and Bounced Audience Members. Your Subscriber Metrics will display Insights on your Subscribers behavior interacting with all of your Channels, while the Opt-outs and Bounced metrics will provide details on the Subscribers Opt-out or Bounced Information. To learn more about the Audience metrics check out this article here.

This page will provide all Blast specific metrics that allow you to understand how your Subscribers interact with each Blast. You can also go deeper into each Blast metrics to view the specific Subscribers behavior when interacting with the Blast. To learn more about the Blast metrics check out this article here.

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