Your Insights are the key to understanding Subscriber behavior. They give you a great opportunity to present the results of your work to leadership, and you can use these metrics to make future decisions related to your communications.

Please Note: The ONLY pages inside of your Insights that pertain to Blasts are Blast > Metrics and Blasts > Audience. All other Insight pages speak to News Digests and Content.

The first set of metrics available inside Insights are your Cross Channel Metrics. These pages will provide you metrics for all the Channels that your Instance uses to communicate with your Subscribers.

Each Channel has its own dedicated metrics page: News Digest, Intranet, Mobile, Teams, Archive. These pages only show metrics for that specific Channel.

The Channels > Overview page shows Insights from all five Channels, so you can compare your Subscribers' behavior on one Channel to another.

The Content Insights page provides metrics for each of the pieces of Content that have been published in your Instance.

By clicking on the title of a piece of Content, you also have the ability to dive deeper into specific Content metrics to see Insights for each individual Subscriber and how they interacted with your Content.

To learn more about the Content Insights page, check out this article.

The Category Insights page provides metrics on the Categories of interest that are tagged to the piece of Content your Subscribers are engaging with.

Your Category metrics are separated into two pages: Most Popular and Opportunities.

  • Categories > Most Popular: This metrics page will by default display metrics for the most popular Categories in your Instance. These Categories are set inside Content Controls.

  • Categories > Opportunities: This metrics page will display the Categories that are popular among your Subscribers. The Categories in this list can be any that were used to tag a piece of Content, and they do not need to be one of your Categories stated inside Content Controls.

To learn more about the Category Insights pages, check out this article.

The Audience Insights page provides metrics on your Subscribers in relation to their News Digest and the Content inside it.

There are three Audience Insights pages related to Content:

  • Audience > Metrics: This page shows your Subscriber metrics and displays Insights on your Subscribers behavior interacting with all of your Channels.

  • Audience > Opt-Outs: This page shows metrics related to Subscribers who opted-out of your Instance.

  • Audience > Bounced: This page shows metrics related to Subscribers who bounced and why the email addresses bounced.

To learn more about the Audience Insights pages, check out this article.

The Blasts Insights pages provide metrics on how your Subscribers interact with Blasts sent in your Instance.

There are two Blast Insights pages:

  • Blasts > Metrics: This page shows you metrics related to your Blasts. You can click on a Blast’s name to see more specific Blast metrics related to Audience Members, links, and acknowledgements.

  • Blasts > Audience: This page shows you metrics related to your Audience Members and the Blasts they interact with. You can click on an Audience Member’s name to see more metrics for the specific Blasts that were sent to them.

To learn more about the Blast Insights pages, check out this article.

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Please Note: Apple released a privacy settings update. To see how this may impact your Insights, check out this article.

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