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This section breaks down engagement specific metrics from your Subscribers.

Sessions - This is whenever a Subscriber opens the INAP plugin on your intranet. Sessions are kept alive by Subscribers continuing to interact with content, otherwise they will expire and a new session will be started next time the open the plugin

  • EX: Subscriber A logs into your intranet 2 times during the day for 45 minutes each. While Subscriber B logs into your Intranet 4 times during the day for an hour each. Subscriber A will log 2 sessions and Subscriber B will log 4 sessions because the sessions are based on the number of times a Subscriber logs into one of your Channels.

Average Session Duration - The average session length in minutes of all Intranet sessions created during the reporting period

  • EX: Subscriber A logs into your intranet 2 times during the day for 45 minutes each. While Subscriber B logs into your Intranet 4 times during the day for 60 minutes each. The Average Session Duration will be 55 minutes.

Average Clicks Per Session - This is the average number of times your Subscribers clicked inside of your Intranet once they begin a Session.

  • EX: Subscribers A and B log into your intranet, Subscriber A clicks on 10 Stories, while Subscriber B clicks on 4 Stories. Your subscribers will have an average of 7 clicks per Session.

Impressions - The number of unique opportunities your Subscribers had to view your content across the reporting period. An impression does not mean that the Subscriber engaged with your content, it just means that it appeared on their screen.

  • EX: Subscriber A is shown 7 stories inside of their Newsletter while Subscriber B is shown 9 stories. Subscriber A will log 7 impressions while Subscriber B will log 9 Impressions with a total of 16 impressions for your Subscribers

Clicks - A count of all the times Subscribers clicked on your content. This is a good indicator of how subscribers are engaging with your content.

  • EX: Subscriber A Clicks on 3 stories inside of their Newsletter while Subscriber B clicks on 6. Subscriber A will log 3 clicks, Subscriber B will log 6 clicks with the total number of clicks for the Audience being 9.

Content Click Rate - This is when your Subscribers engage with your content once it appears on their screen. It is calculated by dividing Clicks by Impressions.

Content Click Rate = Clicks/Impressions

  • EX: If 9 stories appear on Subscriber A's screen and they click on 3 of them. and 7 stories appear on Subscriber B's screen and they click on 5 of them. Then my Cerkl's content Click rate will be 50%.

This graphs gives you the number of events (impressions, clicks, sessions) on your your intranet by hour. EX: So if 725 audience members accessed your intranet at 1 pm over the past 4 weeks there will be a bar charted at 4 pm showing you that 725 audience members access your intranet at that time over the past 4 weeks.

You can use this graph to best understand what times of the day your Subscribers are logging in and checking their intranet. Once you understand this you can release content around these times so it will reach the highest number of Subscribers.

Average Sessions Per User - This the number of sessions divided by the total number of users. This number gives you an idea of how many times a Subscriber starts a session inside of your intranet and can be used to tell if your intranet is drawing a lot of traffic

Active Users - This gives you the total number of unique users who log into your intranet in the time period given. This is metric gives you an idea of the total Subscribers interacting with your intranet over the reporting period

Adoption Rate - This is the percentage of your audience who are Active Users. This is a great metric to quantify what percent of your Subscribers are actively using their Intranet

The line graph here shows you the number of active users per day over the selected reporting period of your choosing. You can hover over each point to see the active users for a specific day and the percentage that number is of your whole audience.

To the right of the chart you are given an Overview which includes:

Average Daily Active Users (DAU) Percentage - This is the percentage of your Audience who visit your intranet on average each day

Total Unique Users - These are the total number of Unique Users for the time period shown

Average DAU - This gives the number of users that look at your intranet on average per day

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