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To view your Intranet Insights, go to Insights > Channels > Intranet.

Inside the Intranet Insights, there are six different containers of information:

  1. Intranet Activity:

    • Sessions: The total number of times a Subscriber opens your Intranet.

    • Average Session Duration: The average length (in minutes) of an Intranet Session during the selected reporting period.

    • Average Clicks/Session: The average number of times your Subscribers clicked inside your Intranet once they start a Session.

    • Impressions: The number of unique opportunities your Subscribers had to view your Content across the reporting period.

    • Clicks: The number of times a Subscriber clicks on a piece of Content in your Intranet.

    • Content Click Rate: The rate your Subscribers are clicking on the Content inside your Intranet.

  2. Activity by Hour: This shows the number of events (impressions, clicks, sessions) on your Intranet by hour.

  3. Average Session per User: This the number of Sessions divided by the total number of users. This number gives you an idea of how many times a Subscriber starts a Session inside of your Intranet.

  4. Active Users: The total number of unique users who log into your Intranet during the selected reporting period.

  5. Adoption Rate: This is the percentage of your Audience who are Active Users of your Intranet.

  6. Active Users Over Time: Shows the Daily Active Users (DAU) over the selected reporting period. Also shows the Avg. DAU %, Total Unique Users, and Avg. DAU to the right of the graph.

    • Average DAU (Daily Active Users) Percent: The percentage of your Audience who visit your Intranet on average each day.

    • Total Unique Users: The total number of Unique Users who used your Intranet during the reporting period.

    • Average DAU: The average number of active Intranet users per day.


Inside the Insights for your Intranet, you also have the ability to make the Channels-Intranet page your home page and change the time frame of the presented data.

  1. Make Home: Click the Make Home button (to the right of Channels-Intranet) to make the Channels-Intranet page your Insights home page. If you do this, the Channels-Intranet page will be the first page that you see when you click on Insights.

  2. Changing Time Frame: Click the button with the calendar on it (top right side of the screen) to change the time frame of the metrics you are seeing. The time frame options are:

    • Today

    • Yesterday

    • Last Week

    • Last 2 Weeks

    • Last 4 Weeks

    • All Time

    • Custom Range: This will allow you to select two dates for whatever range you would like to see.

Please Note: Today, All Time, and Custom Range (if the range includes today’s date) are the ONLY time frames that allow you to see metrics from today’s date. All other ranges will NOT include metrics from today's date.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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