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To see your Category Insights, go to Insights > Categories.

You will see that your Category Insights are broken up into two separate pages: Most Popular and Opportunities.

Most Popular

The Most Popular metrics page will by default display metrics for the most popular Categories in your Instance. These Categories are set inside Content Controls. Your Subscribers can indicate explicit interest in these Categories during the personalization process.

Pro Cerklers Tip: If you click on the blue tag icon next to one of these Categories, it will take you to your Content Controls where you can see and edit your Instance's default Categories.


The Opportunities metrics page will display all categories that you've tagged content with and their relative interest levels, showing ONLY categories that you haven't created content around in the last 30 days.

These metrics are designed as a great resource for you to review to determine the best performing categories that you aren't currently communicating about.

Example: Your Top category opportunity will be a well performing category, but since you haven't created content around it in at least 30 days AND its not one of your organization categories, it shows up at the top of the opportunities list.

These are the categories that you have the greatest opportunity to capitalize on. The default view will show you Categories that are and are not a part of your Instance.

  • Categories with the blue TAG icon next to them ARE currently listed inside of your Content Controls.

  • Categories with a blue PLUS SIGN icon next to them are NOT listed inside of your Content Controls.

    Pro Cerklers Tip: To add a Category to your Content Controls that isn’t currently associated with your Instance, click on the plus sign icon next to the Category name. This will take you to your Content Controls where you can add that Category to your Instance.


Below are the four columns of information you will see on both the Most Popular and Opportunities page:

  1. Category: This is the name of the Category as assigned by your Instance.

  2. Interest Level: These averages are relative and are based on the interest level of one Category compared to the other Categories:

    • Above Average: Any Category ABOVE one standard deviation of the mean of all Category interest levels.

    • Average: Any Category WITHIN one standard deviation of the mean of all Category interest levels.

    • Below Average: Any Category BELOW one standard deviation of the mean of all Category interest levels.

  3. Audience Reach: This is the number of Subscribers with implicit and explicit interest in the category.

  4. Percent of Audience: This is calculated using the formula (Audience Reach / Total Subscribers).

Insights Actions

To learn how to perform different Insight actions (make home page, filter, export, or sort), check out this article.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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