One of the key steps to make sure Subscribers receive a unique and personalized experience with their News Digest is by going through the personalization process.

To learn why the personalization process is important to your Subscribers' News Digest experience, check out this article.

The preferences to choose from will fall under the following four sections: Topics, Schedule, Format, and People.

Your Topics

Under the "Your Topics" tab, your Subscribers can select which topics they do and do not have an interest in.


Subscribers can choose which topics they ARE interested in hearing about inside of their News Digest. All of the topics shown here have been added as a Category in your Instance.

To view or manage these Categories, go to Content > Controls.


IF your Instance allows for Subscribers to select topics to exclude, Subscribers will have the option to choose which topics they are NOT interested in seeing in their News Digest. The Categories that they'll be able to choose from are the topics they didn't select having an explicit interest in.

Please Note: If a Subscriber chooses to exclude a topic from their News Digests, any Content tagged with the excluded Categories will NOT be included inside of their future News Digest UNLESS the posting priority for the piece of Content is set to "to everyone" or "to everyone as their first story."

Your Schedule

After selecting their topics of interest, your Subscribers will then be able to select their News Digest scheduling preferences. They can select their delivery frequency and use the drop-down menus to choose the delivery day, time, and time zone.

Your Format

Now it’s time for your Subscribers to select their News Digest delivery format and language.

Format wise, your Subscribers have three options for their News Digest:

  1. Headlines Only: This format will include your Content titles, headlines, and images.

  2. Headlines Plus: This format will include your Content titles, headlines, summaries, and images. This format is recommended because it still gives the reader important information about each story while staying digestible and readable.

  3. Traditional: This format will mimic the flow of a traditional newsletter. It will include the title, image, headline, and summary for the first piece of Content, and for the following pieces of Content, it will include titles, smaller images, headlines, and summaries.

Once the format is selected, your Subscribers can use the drop-down menu to select the language of preference for their News Digests.

Your People

In the "Your People" tab, your Subscribers can select which Content Authors they would like to follow in your Instance.

Each story created inside your Instance will be assigned a Content Author. If a Subscriber selects a Content Authors that they want to follow, the Subscriber will have an increased chance of receiving Content with that author inside their News Digest.


Lastly, your Subscribers will have the option to select Back or Finished. Here, they can go back and edit their previously selected preferences, or they can click Finished to complete the personalization process.

To learn how to edit these preferences, check out this article.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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