Your News Digest allows you to send personalized Content to your Subscribers on a consistent basis. Each News Digest can contain up to 9 pieces of Content, which are unique to every Subscriber based on their explicit and implicit interests.

Content is sent out to Subscribers automatically based on their weighted Categories of interest. The format of each Subscriber's News Digest is chosen during the personalization process. That said, non-personalized Subscribers will receive default format, which is set inside of Settings > News Digest. This means that you cannot choose the layout or all of the stories included in your Subscribers News Digests. What you can control is the Content that is created and/or approved to be sent out inside of the News Digests. Once Content is approved and eligible to be sent out, then our AI will do the rest.

The AI will personalize each News Digest based on the Subscribers’ weighted interests. This is calculated in two ways:

  1. Through EXPLICIT Interests:

    1. When your Audience Members first subscribe to your Instance, they will receive a Welcome Email where they will go through the personalization process and explicitly select the Content Categories they are interested in. These are the explicit interests inputted by the Subscriber.

  2. Through IMPLICIT Interests:

    1. Once your Subscribers begin to engage with your News Digest and read stories, our AI will learn from their behavior and determine implicit interests based on the Content they are viewing. Our AI will then weigh the Categories associated with those stories more with each engagement.

Using the both the explicit and implicit interests, our AI will weigh the Categories and decide which are most relevant to each Subscriber. Then, the weighted Categories will be used to decide which pieces of Content are included in each Subscribers’ News Digest.

Please Note: Subscribers will still receive Content inside of their News Digest that are not relevant to their interest Categories. These pieces of Content will populate in any of the 9 story spots available in a Subscribers’ News Digest, but they will only be added after the most relevant Content has been added.

The Welcome Email is how your Subscribers will personalize their experience by going through the personalization process. If the Welcome Email is toggled ON in Audience Controls, and the Subscriber is opted-in for News Digests, they will receive the Welcome Email when first subscribing to your Instance.

To learn how to resend the Welcome Email to all non-personalized Subscribers, check out this article.

In the Welcome Email Subscribers will move through the personalization process and select the Categories they are interested in learning about, their delivery date/time/layout preferences, and select the Content Authors they are interested in hearing from. Also, depending on whether or not your Instance allows excluding topics, Subscribers may see a step in the personalization process where they can select any topic they want to exclude from their News Digest.

Please Note: This selection of interests and preferences can be changed at any time by either clicking on the “Personalize this email! Schedule, stories, format” link at the bottom of the News Digest, or by going to your Content Archive and clicking the My Preferences button to the right of your screen.

After completing the personalization process, Subscribers will begin to receive Content based on their interests. This will be based on both their explicit and implicit interests to make their Content even more relevant and personalized.

Your Content send time will be listed on your Subscribers Delivery Preferences (shown above). This means that if a large chunk of your Subscribers are personalized, they will most likely be getting their Content at different times of the day and in different frequencies. But, those who have not personalized their delivery preferences will receive their Content based on the date, time, and frequency default set in your Instance. This default can be seen inside of your News Digest Settings.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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