Accessing a Subscriber's details is important because it gives you an inside view of how a Subscriber’s experience is set up. You can view their preferences for receiving Newsletters, the Segments they're in, their interests, and more!

To access Subscribers details go to Audience > Subscribers > find the Subscriber > click on their name or the purple pencil icon next to their name.

You can edit user information by either clicking the name of the Subscriber > clicking Edit User or by clicking the purple pencil icon to the right of their name (seen above)

Here you can change the Subscribers:

1. Email Blasts and Newsletters

2. Blasts Only

3. Newsletters Only

4. Unsubscribed

  • Privacy can be set to:

1. Personalize their experience

2. Personalize their experience but not report on their activity. This means you will not collect insights from them

3. Do not personalize their experience (We do not recommend this)

To learn more about these check out the article “How to change Subscriber Privacy settings”.

A Subscriber’s Details gives you information on the date they subscribed to your Cerkl, when they received their last Newsletter and information about their Personalization and Preferences.


If subscribers have personalized their experience the date they did it will show. If the Subscriber has not personalized their experience then you can resend the welcome email which will walk them through our 2-minute personalization experience.


1. Delivery frequency - How often they receive their newsletters

2. Delivery time - The time of day they receive their newsletters

3. A delivery day - The day of the week their newsletters are delivered

4. Language - The language their newsletters is in

You are given information on both the Manual and Dynamic Segments the subscriber is a part of.

Manual Segments

Scroll down on subscriber details > select the drop-down arrow on the box under Manual Segments. Here you can check if the subscriber is included in the desired segments you want them to be in. You can also add the subscriber to any Manual Segment by selecting the desired segment using the drop-down box.

Dynamic Segments

Here, you are given which Dynamic Segments the subscriber is a part of but you cannot edit them. These segments are not editable because Dynamic Segments use rule sets to determine who is included in the segment.

Here, you are given broken down information about the subscriber’s top interests which are used to tailor specific content to them. The default window will only show interests the are in the Organization category type. To see all interests regardless of the category type click on the "Display All Category Types" box.

  • Category: The category name the subscriber picked they are interested in
  • Interest Level: compares the audience member’s interest in this category compared to the rest of your audience. There are three levels of interest: Above Average, Average, Below Average.
  • Category Type: The three types of categories are

1. Organization - Categories selected by the Admins for your Cerkl

2. Manually Added - These categories were not available from our system and were manually added by your team to your Cerkl

3. Auto-Generated - These categories were generated and applied by our A.I. based on the subscribers reading habits

If you would like to take a look at your Organizational Categories go to Content > Controls and then you can view all categories you have either chosen or entered manually. To learn more about Categories and your Content Controls check out the article “Content Controls Breakdown”.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the help bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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