It's time to add a new Manual Segment to your Instance!

To create a new Manual Segment, go to Audience > Segments > click the blue Create New button > choose Manual at the top of the page. Then, follow the steps below:

  • Enter your Manual Segment's name in the space provided.

  • Click Save Name.

For your convenience, we have provided some additional resources to help you organize your CSV!

Below the Upload File box we have included a Data Template that you can download to help you organize your people data! The first tab of this template explains how to use this template as well as Best Practices.

You’ll be required to format your import with the following specifications:

  • File Type: CSV

  • Header Row MUST be included

  • Column #1: Email Address (required)

  • Column titles must match the Accepted Fields listed under the Data Template

Once you’ve organized your CSV file in the appropriate ways, you will need to upload your file. You can upload your file in two ways:

  1. Click Browse and choose the file from your computer.

  2. Drag and drop the file into the upload box.

After uploading your file, you can see how many Total Records were validated as well as the first two records of each attribute.

If your record fails validation, you will see a list of errors. You will need to fix the errors and re-upload to continue with this process.

If you used a header that is not in the list of accepted fields it will appear in the table as Ineligible Header Columns, you can see that highlighted here as well. Our system will simply skip this column.

If you would like to re-upload the CSV click Cancel. Once you are ready to move on, click Continue.

Pro-Cerkler’s Tip: Custom Fields are in BETA and should only be used for Temporary Data – Use with care.

Select the Opt-In Status

Here you can Select the Opt-In Status of the Subscribers included in your upload.

  • Select News Digests and Blasts (Default) if you would like your Subscribers to receive both Blasts and News Digests.

  • Select Blasts Only if the list of Subscribers you’ve just uploaded should only receive Email Blasts and should NOT receive Personalized Digests from your Instance.

Modify the opt-in status of existing audience members

You will also have the option to overwrite any existing subscriber’s opt-in status. Check the box next to Yes, Modify Opt-In status of existing subscribers if current Subscribers are included in the list you are uploading AND you want to modify their Opt-in Status.

Please Note: The Add to Manual Segments option will be locked because the CSV that you are uploading will automatically be assigned to the Manual Segment that you are creating.

Here you can select if you want to Merge Data or Overwrite Data.

  • Merge Data: Choosing this option would allow the data that you are uploading in your CSV to fill in any blank attributes that exist in your Audience, but would NOT overwrite the existing attributes.

  • Overwrite Data: Choosing this option would overwrite ANY competing attributes in your Audience with the ones that you have in your CSV. This option can be turned off at the request of the Instance Administrator.

Please Note: If your audience is managed via integration with an outside system, the next time that system syncs, the conflicting rows could be overwritten again.

If you choose to Overwrite Data, when clicking Continue, you will have to type OVERWRITE in the provided box to confirm your selection due to the high-risk nature of this option.

After you’ve made your selection, click Continue.

Please Note: Each option has a Method Explanation as well as a Risk Factor. If you aren’t sure, click See example below the Method Explanation to decide which option is better suited for your data and intentions.

Here you can edit any of your previous System Settings or Conflict Management selections. Clicking Edit will bring you back to that step in the process and you will have to continue from that point. Lastly, before you can finish your import, you’ll need to verify that you have the consent of all individuals on your list to subscribe them to your Instance and have their information used according to Cerkl’s Privacy Policy.

To show that you have their consent, check the box before "I have the consent of all individuals on this list to subscribe them to my Cerkl and have their information used according to Cerkl's Privacy Policy."

After you've selected all the appropriate toggles, Segments, and checked the box to show consent, click Submit to finish importing your list. Your queue will appear showing you where you are in the processing queue of your organization so that you have more insight into when your import is being processed.

You can review upload history and the upload queue anytime from Audience > Import List > click the Information symbol in the top right corner.

When your import is complete, you will receive a verification email (pictured below) with the details of your Import. Check your inbox in the next few minutes to see the success status of your import.

For more information related to the CSV upload process for Manual Segments, Check out this article.

Important Information for Managed Child Cerkls

The Menu option ‘Import List’ is now disabled for organizations whose audience is managed by a Parent organization. Don’t worry - all of the functions you had before for segments are still there!

To import a list, go to Segments and select Create New or Edit an already created Segment. Only the Email address field is regarded in file uploads for managed child instances, so including other fields in your CSV file is unnecessary.

Because the Import List page is disabled, managed children cannot view the upload history and the upload queue panel.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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