We know your Audience isn’t one-size-fits-all, so we’ve come up with a flexible way for you to manage the types of messages Subscribers receive from your Instance.

Opt-in Status reflects the delivery status of your Subscriber(s). There are four different status types:

  1. Email Blasts & News Digests: Receive BOTH Blasts and News Digests.

  2. News Digests Only: Receive ONLY News Digests.

  3. Email Blasts Only: Receive ONLY Blasts.

  4. Unsubscribe: Remove the Subscriber, so they are no longer be an Audience Member in your Instance and will not be sent Blasts or News Digests.

Set Opt-In Status During Import

While importing Subscribers using the Import List functionality, you can set the Opt-in Status of the Subscribers on your list.

To learn more about selecting the Opt-in status while importing an Audience list, check out this article.

Change Opt-In Status

To modify the Opt-in Status of a Subscriber after they've already been imported, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Audience > Subscribers.

  2. Search for the name or email of the Subscriber you want to modify the Opt-in Status for.

  3. Check the box to the left of their name, and the Set Opt-In Status button will appear on the screen.

  4. Click Set Opt-In Status.

  5. Select the desired Opt-in Status from the drop down menu.

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