Categories are simple tags associated with stories that are used by our AI to determine the interest of your Subscribers and what types of content they tend to engage with. Once our AI learns the Categories of interest of a Subscriber then it will include more and more relevant content in their Newsletters based on the data learned.

There are two distinct ways Categories are used to learn the interest of a Subscriber:

  1. Explicit - The Subscriber has gone through the Personalization Process via the Welcome Email selecting specific Categories they’re interested in.

  2. Implicit - They have clicked on Stories in their Newsletter, gaining interest to the Categories that are associated with those individual Stories.

Both of the above interest types combine into a “score” for each story when it comes to each individual Subscriber. That score is used to determine which Stories are included in the Subscribers Newsletter and in what order they appear in.

A Subscriber will first pick the Categories they are interested in when going through the Personalization Process or when they subscribe to your Cerkl on your Content Archive. As your Subscribers receive your Newsletters and read more and more stories our AI will determine their weight of each of their interests in the Categories and make changes based on their behavior. You can set the categories available to your Subscribers in your Content Controls in the Content Hub.

Here is an example of how the Categories will work:


Categories attached to each story

Story #1

Customer Success, Internal Communications

Story #2

Internal Communications, Innovation

Story #3

Engineering, Innovation

Story #4

Customer Success

Above is a list of 4 Stories and their assigned Categories.


Interest Categories


Engineering, Internal Communications


Customer Success, Internal Communications


Innovation, Engineering

Above are 3 Subscribers interests that have been weighted by our AI. Please note which Categories each Story and Subscriber share.

Subscriber’s Newsletter

Order of their stories in of the Newsletter

Maddy’s Newsletter

Story #1, Story #2, Story #3, Story #4

Robbie’s Newsletter

Story #1, Story #2, Story #4, Story #3

Alex’s Newsletter

Story #3, Story #2, Story #1, Story #4

Above are the stories that each Subscriber receives in their Newsletter.

Please Note: Your Subscribers will still receive stories from other categories even if they are not relevant to them in the extra spaces inside of their Newsletter. This is why they have stories inside of their Newsletter that are not relevant to their interests.

Lets breakdown why each person received their unique Story order inside of their Newsletter:

  • Maddy: Received Stories #1, #2, and #3 first because all three of those were tagged with Categories that she has weighted interest in: Engineering, Internal Communication. Story number 4 is placed last because she has no weighted interest in the Customer Success category, which that story is tagged with.

  • Robbie: Received Stories #1 & #2 first because he has weighted interest in the categories that those stories were tagged with. Stories 4 & 3 were placed after those because he has no weighted interest in any categories; those stories were tagged with the Customer Success or Internal Communications categories.

  • Alex: Received Stories #3 & #2 first because both of those stories were tagged with either the Engineering or Innovation Categories (which has weighted interest in). The other stories follow after because they are not tagged with the Innovation or Engineering Category.

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