Curious how your Blasts are performing? Check out the detailed Blast Insights - you'll have a blast doing so!

Blast Metrics

  • Blast Name: Name of Blast
  • Subject: Subject Line of Blast
  • Date Scheduled: Date of when the Blast is sent to go out
  • Sent: # of Audience Members the Blast is sent to
  • Delivered: # of Audience Members the Blast was delivered to
  • Opens: # of times the Blast was opened
  • Unique Opens: # of Audience Members that opened the Blast
  • Open Rate: Calculated by dividing "Unique Opens" by "Sent"
  • Clicks: # of clicks on links in a Blast
  • Unique Clicks: # of Audience Members that clicked on links in a Blast
  • Click Rate: Calculated by dividing "Unique Clicks" by "Opens"

Actions & Filters


  • Export to CSV: Export the Blasts' metrics to a CSV file.


  • Filter by Segment: By selecting a segment, blasts sent to that segment will appear.
  • Filter by Category: By selecting a category, blasts sent to that category will appear.
  • Filter by Opt-In Status: By choosing the opt-in status, audience members that match that will
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