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Creating a Blast | Lesson Plan 📘
Creating a Blast | Lesson Plan 📘

This lesson plan will cover how to create a Blast

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Welcome to this Broadcast lesson plan that will help you navigate Blast Elements.

Goal: Create a Blast from scratch using Elements, and then send yourself a sample to see your work come to life.

Estimated Time: 15 Minutes

Resources to Get You Started:

Follow these steps to accomplish the goal listed above:

  1. Log into your Demo Broadcast Instance.

  2. Go to Blasts > Create New.

  3. Give your Blast a name: “My First Blast”

  4. Drag a drop the following Elements into the Blast Editor wherever you would like. Please Note: When you drag and drop Elements, you can only release the Element where you see a blue line. If you do not see a blue line when you drop the Element, it will not be placed in the editor.

    • Text Element:

      • “Hello {use the first name personalization field}, If you are using the Text Element, make sure you paste WITHOUT formatting. Then, you can format this text inside the editor.”

    • Image Element:

      • Grab a link from a Google image of your choice.

    • Divider Element:

      • Change the line color to #3547c4

      • Change the line thickness to 4

    • Text + Button Element:

      • Text: “Combination Elements allow you to ensure your Elements are kept together when viewed on a mobile device.”

      • Button: “Click Here” (button text). Link to an Acknowledgement, and keep the Confirmation Text.

  5. Play around with the other Elements and move some existing Elements.

  6. Next, in the Sending Info section (located under the Elements section on the right side of your screen), enter the following information:

    • Add a Subject Line of your choosing.

    • Select a Sender Profile from the drop-down list (if your Demo Instance has Sender Proxies toggled ON), or enter Sending Info into the spaces provided (if your Demo instance has Sender Proxies toggled OFF).

  7. Preview your Blast on both desktop and mobile by clicking Preview above the Blast Editor.

  8. Finally, press Send Sample (make sure your email is the Type Emails section), and check your inbox to see your sample Blast!

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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