Do you wish you could have a pre-set sender profile to choose from when sending a Blast? If so then, Sender Proxies is just what the doctor ordered!

Sender Proxies restrict the sender information inside of your Blasts to a set list of Sender Profiles that are made by your team. When Sender Proxies you can only choose from this set list of sender profiles and do not have the option to enter the sender information by hand.

To turn on Sender Proxies go to Blasts > Controls > then scroll down to Sending Options and toggle Sender Proxies on. Please Note: Once they are toggled on all scheduled Blasts will be moved to drafts. This is because at the time of toggling Sender Proxies on those Blasts do not have a Sender Profile chosen for them, therefore they cannot send.

Once Sender Proxies are turned on you will then have the ability to add Sender Profiles to choose from. To add a new sender press the New Sender button and enter the Name of the sender, the email address (and reply too if needed), along with the Sender Profile name. The Sender Profile name will not show up on the Blast, this is just the name that is given to this particular Sender Profile for internal organization purposes.

To use Sender Proxies go to one of your drafted Blasts or create a new one > then in the To & From section you will see a drop down list of available senders you can select from. These are all the sender profiles that have been created in your Blast Controls and are the only options for you to choose from. If a profile is not there that you would like to send to then you should go to Blasts > Controls and create a new profile for that sender.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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