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When your team has a group or a person that they need to send a Blast on behalf of, your team can prepare Sender Proxies (also known as Sender Profiles) to choose from when adding a Blast's Sending Info.

Reminder: You must click the Save button at the top right of the page after making any changes before a Sender Profile will be available for use.

Turn Sender Proxies On or Off

To turn Sender Proxies on or off, go to Blasts > Controls, then scroll down to Sending Options to click the toggle. Blue means On. When toggled on, you'll be able to edit, remove, or create Sender Profiles.

Important: Please be careful when changing this setting. When deciding to change if Sender Proxies are enabled or disabled, Blast Drafts and Scheduled Blasts created under the previous setting will need to have their Sender Profile updated.
Scheduled Blast Retargets will be deleted. Blasts sent under either of these two settings will not be able to be Retargeted when this setting is different - you can switch back to send a Retarget of the Blast as needed.

Add Sender Proxies

Once Sender Proxies are toggled on, you will have the ability to add a new Sender Profile to your list of Available Senders.

To add a new Sender Profile, click the New Sender button. A window will appear where you can enter the following information:


The name(s) of the people your Blast will be sent from.

If you want to make the Blast appear like it's coming from more than one person, please review: Sending a Blast from Multiple People.

Send From

This is the email address your Blast will be sent from in your Organization.

To add a separate Reply To email address, click theLink button.

Please Note: If you choose to use a separate Reply To email address, this may increase the likelihood of your Blast being marked as spam. If you choose to use this feature, you will see the following warning message appear on your screen: "Using this override is very likely to flag your message as Spam in your audience member's mailbox. Please only use if you have set up internal inboxes to ignore this common Spam flag."

Sender Profile

This is the name given to identify the sender for internal organization purposes. This name will not show up on your email to Subscribers.

Sender Proxy Permissions

You have the ability to either make a Sender Profile available for all Team Members or to set Permissions that will restrict the Sender Profile to be used only by designated Team Members.

Restrict a Sender Proxy

You can set permissions when creating as a new Sender Profile, and afterward by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the Sender Profile in the Sender Proxies list. From the editor:

  1. Click the Permissions tab.

  2. Click Restricted.

  3. Select the Team Members you wish to restrict this Sender Profile to by clicking the checkbox to the left of their Name and Profile.

  4. Click Update or Add.

If a Team Member has access removed to a specific Sender Profile, or a Sender Profile has been deleted, they may find it's no longer listed for them in the Blast editor. In that case, they'll need to notify an Admin to be re-added or to inquire about the deletion of the Sender Profile.

Why am I getting an Access Restricted Error?

You may see a Sender Profile Access Restricted error if your access permissions for a Sender profile have been changed, or if you're working on a Blast that another team member has added a Sender Profile you do not have access to.

While this Sender Profile is applied to the Blast, you can Save as Draft, however, the option to Schedule or Send is limited to those with access permissions.

Delete Sender Proxies

You can delete Sender Profiles by selecting the Trash Bin icon to the right of the Sender Profile.
Before Deletion is completed, you'll be asked to confirm before fully deleted.

Important: When a Sender Profile is deleted, and associated sent Blasts will no longer be able to be Retargeted. This cannot be undone.

If a Sender Profile is in use for a Retargeted Blast and it is Deleted, the associated scheduled Retargets will be Deleted and the option to Retarget the original Blast will no longer be available.

If a Sender Profile is in use for a Scheduled Blast, upon deletion, the Blast will be removed from the scheduled list and will be saved as a Draft. This will need to be edited to update with a new Sender Profile before it can be schedule or sent.

How To Use Sender Proxies

Sender Proxies are available in the Blast Editor when updating the Sending Info. This list will automatically only display Profiles the team member has permission to use.

For information about the Sending Info tab, please review: Blast Sending Info Overview

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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