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Once your Blast is created and in a state ready to begin sending, you will need to fill out the Sending Info section of your Blast. To do this, from the Blast Editor, select the Sending Info tab on the right side of your screen.

Send From and Sender Profile

To start, depending on whether or not your Instance has Sender Proxies turned on or off inside Blast Controls, you will see one of two options for filling our the Send From information for your Blast.

If Sender Proxies are On

If your Instance has Sender Proxies toggled on, you will see the drop down menu to select a Sender Profile.

Some Sender Profiles may require permissions in order to use them. If you're not seeing a Sender Profile as available, please consult with a Team Admin to determine which Sender Profiles you need and should have access to use.

If Sender Proxies are Off

If your Instance has Sender Proxies toggled off, you will see the following fields underneath the Subject Line:


This the name your Blast will be sent from. Everyone who receives the Blast will see the full name next to the email address the Blast was sent from.

💡 Tip: There are no constraints on this field. This means you can make the name “Maria & Robbie” if you want to make the Blast appear as if it’s being sent from multiple people.

Send From

This is the email address your Blast will be shown as sent from. By default, this will be your Organization's Reply To email address. You can manually type in another email address instead, but it must utilize the same domain as your Organization's default.

If you would like to avoid having the sender email spammed with out-of-office and other replies, you can turn on a separate Reply To email address. Click the Link button to remove the link between Send from and Reply to.

Please note: using a different Reply to email address may increase the likelihood of your Blast being marked as spam. We recommend testing using the Send Sample feature before using a separate Reply To email address.

Subject Line

Input the Subject like will appear in your Subscribers' Inboxes - subject lines should provide basic or summary information of what is the primary message in your Blast, and when possible, include an attention grabbing detail.

You can even include automatic Personalization Fields in the Subject Line, like First Name, Full Name, Email Address, Work Location, and more. To use a Personalization Field, click the Person icon and select an option from the drop-down list.

Preview Text

Preview Text is optional text you can include with your Blasts that will appear in the Preview Pane for email applications like Outlook. For Organization's which allow multi-line text previews in Inbox preview panes, this can help replace and reduce unwanted HTML or URLs for images which would be near the top of your Blast.

You can add up to 100 characters in the Preview Text field. The more information included, the less likely your subscribers are going to come across any unwanted details or URLs in their preview pane.

The Preview Text option is not supported for HTML uploads. Once HTML is uploaded, the Preview Text option will be disabled. If Preview Text is already added to the Blast when HTML is uploaded, a warning will appear, stating "Uploading HTML will clear the Preview Text you have added to this Blast. Are you sure you want to upload?" You must select "Yes" in order to upload the HTML.

Add Attachments

You can add up to 2 Attachments in each Blast. Click + New File to select the file that you would like to attach from your computer's local files.

There is a 1 MB file size limit for each attachment. Accepted File Types include:




  • PDF

  • TXT

  • CSV



  • GIF

  • PNG



  • ICS

  • ZIP

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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