Add a new Element

To add an element you can either click, hold, and drag the element to the area you want to place it > place the element in that area once you see a blue line pop up or just click the element tile to place it at the bottom of your Blast. If the blue line does not pop up then you element will not be placed in the Blast. You can use the drag feature to also place elements beside each other in columns. Please Note: You can have a maximum of 4 columns in one row in your Blast.

Dragging an Already Placed Element

To drag an element, hover your mouse over the element > click and hold the 2 rows of dots > drag the element to where you want to place it.

Copy an Element

To copy an element, hover your mouse over one and select the icon to the right of the one used to move the element.

Deleting an Element

To delete an element you can hover your mouse over it, and select the trash can icon. Once you delete an Element you do not have the ability to reverse the action and bring back what was deleted.

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