Personalization Fields: let you include a Subscribers First Name, Full Name, and Email Address in subject line or the text of a Blast.

When you want to get personal with your Blasts and include your subscribers information then Personalization Fields is the tool for you. Personalization Fields take your subscribers first or full name, or email address and place them in the spots you assign them. These can be used inside of your Blast to address your subscriber in your email or it can be used in your subject line to create a sense of personalization.

To include Personalization Fields inside of your Blast go to the Blast you are working on > then inside of the text element you will see a person icon in the second row of the tool bar, click it > then select the Personalization Field you would like to include > once selected it is placed into the text box where your cursor was.

You can also add a Personalization Field to your subject line by going to the subject line of the Blast in the To & From section > then selecting the person icon to the right of the Subject Line box > select the Personalization Field.

It is important to set a Fallback Personalization Field in the Blast Controls for those who don't have these fields in their Subscriber Profile. You can check out an article here on how to do that.

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