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Audience Attributes can be used when defining Dynamic Segments or Personalizing Blasts, and subscriber Attribute Aliasing allows you to customize these fields in order to better fit your organization's naming conventions. You can access the Attributes editor from Settings > Attributes.

The Attribute's default name is located in the Attribute column on the left. You can rename the Attribute to fit your organization’s preferences in the Display Name column on the right. The [ℹ] button provides the default description and sample data for the Attribute.

If you need help finding the attribute or Display Name you're looking to change, Attributes can be searched for by Alias or Attribute using the Search bar at the top.

Once you click Save in the top right corner of the page, your Attribute “nickname” will be displayed across the app! You can easily return to using the Default Attribute by clearing the Display Name field, and re-saving.

Note: Currently, you will need to refresh after saving Attributes in order for Display Names to populate across the app.

Don’t worry-your current Dynamic Segments are fine! Attributes automatically update to use the display name, but descriptions will not update automatically for already-created Dynamic Segments. Descriptions can be updated manually.

Data Availability

Data Availability Percentages allow you to see the amount of data available amongst active Subscribers for a field below the Attribute name, listed as Data Availability.

Personalization Fields

Here you can choose if you want an Audience Attribute available for use as a Personalization Field in Blasts. Specific attributes in Settings > Attributes can be selected as available in the Audience Table.

You can choose to enable as many Attributes for Personalization Fields as you want, but only Attributes with available data will be accessible for use in Blast customization. First Name, Full Name, and Email are enabled by default.

Enable for Audience Table

You can enable Attributes for use in your organization's Audience table by toggling the checkmark for the field. Once enabled, you'll be able to select the Edit Table options and view them live.

Remember to Click Save to keep these settings.

Some attributes are only available in certain Audience tables. The following are only available for the Unsubscribes table:

  • Termination Date

  • Termination Voluntary

  • Departure Code

There are no Attributes available to be enabled or disabled for the Bounced audience table.

Attribute Types

The list of Attributes is divided into sections, with the first containing organizational data such as location, hire date, structure, etc. These fields are all unlocked and the Display Name can be changed to anything within a 23-character limit, including emoji!

Custom Attributes provides fields for information that is not generally available through most organization systems, and is great for holding temporary data. To learn more about custom fields, check out Subscriber Attributes - Custom Fields.

System Attributes are required system information and these fields are locked, indicated by the lock icon next to the Display Name.

Unused Attributes are locked only until they are used for the first time.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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