Blast Elements are used to design the layout, add, and edit the content of your Blast. You can drag and drop them anywhere making it easy to create a new Blast in minutes. All the elements are available to you in the Elements section to the right of your screen in the Blast Editor.

For more information on how to use Blast Elements, check out this article.

You have the following Elements at your disposal:

  • Text Element: Allows you to enter the text for your Blast. You can also customize the layout, font size, spacing, colors, etc.

  • Image Element: Allows you to upload an image from your computer or the internet to place in your Blast.

  • Video Element: Allows you to link any video from the web inside of your Blast. Please Note: For security reasons, the videos will not be played inside of the email. Instead, a thumbnail will be placed in your Blast, and it will send the Subscriber to the original video when clicked on.

  • Button Element: Allows you to add a customizable button in your Blast that links to the URL, email address, phone number, or acknowledgment attached to it.

  • Divider Element: Allows you to place a horizontal line in between Elements to show a distinct separation between them.

  • Survey Element: Allows you to add a Survey question to your Blast.

  • Social Links Element: Allows you to link your social media pages inside your Blast.

  • Signature Element: Allows you to create a customer signature for the sender of your Blast.

  • Combination Elements: Allows you to group together multiple Elements in your Blast, so you can place them all at once and make sure the combined Elements appear together if viewed on a mobile device. Below are the four Combination Elements:

    • Image + Text: Groups the Image and Text Elements together.

    • Text + Button: Groups the Button and Text Elements together.

    • Image + Button: Groups the Image and Button Elements together.

    • Image + Text + Button: Groups the Image, Text, and Button Elements together.

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