To use the Text Element, you will first need to drag and drop it to where you want it placed in your Blast. You can ONLY release the Element where you see a blue line pop-up. If you release the Element without seeing that line, your Element will not be placed in your Blast.

If you are experiencing copy and paste issues inside of the Text Element, check out this article.

The text editor we use is Froala, and it has quite a lot of features that are listed out below.

Tools in the first row of the toolbar:

  • Bold

  • Italicize

  • Underline

  • Font Family

  • Font Size

  • Text Color

Tools in the second row of the toolbar:

Tools in the miscellaneous toolbar:

To access these, click the three vertical dots at the end on the second tool bar row (shown above).

  • Paragraph styles

  • Increase Indent

  • Decrease Indent

  • Subscript

  • Superscript

  • Strike Through

  • Background color

To learn about the layout options available for the Blast Elements, or to learn how to set default custom fonts and colors for your Blasts, check out these articles.

Pro-Cerkler's Tip: When using Copy and Paste into the Story Text Editor, clear the formatting (#8 above in Second Row Icons) and apply the correct settings to your text for best performance.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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