To get to your Sources page go to your Content > Sources in the left menu. Sources allow you to pull stories from an external source into your Content Hub to be included in your Channels. Each of your sources will pull its' stories at the top of every hour.

EX: You want to include information on great customer service practices from the industry’s top thought leaders inside of your Newsletter. You will add the sources RSS Feed for our system to pull articles from. These articles will be pulled from that feed and Categories that the sources have used and tagged the article with. Then they will be either in your Cerkls’ Queue or in the Approved section for you to work with them as you please.

Using sources allows you to have automatically generated content relevant for your audience without having to create it or search for it yourself. It saves you time on the content creation end for you to focus on more important communication tasks at hand.

On the main source page you will see a list of all of your Cerkls’ sources, along with some options for actions to take:

  1. The green toggle next to each source indicates if that source is active or not. Active sources have a green toggle and non-active sources are toggle off with a grey color

  2. To visit the feed itself you can click on the link below the name of the Source. Here you can view the categories which the feed uses to tag their articles with

  3. To edit your source you can click the purple pencil edit icon to the right of that source

  4. To delete the source you can click the red trash can icon

Your Cerkl will read a source's RSS feed which is a feed that your Cerkl will scan to receive updates from the sources along with pulling the Categories associated with each article. Here is an example of an RSS Feed. You should strive for a feed that looks like this: Your URL must be an RSS Feed. Once you have a valid RSS Feed then your Cerkl will begin to scan the RSS Feed for new Stories and pull those in at the top of every hour.

To add a Source to your Content Hub you will need to go to your Content > then press Sources in the left menu > Add New Source in the top right hand corner.

Then you will paste the URL of your source. This can be the URL to a story, the sources article feed, or even the website URL. Our system will search for a feed and if it finds one then you will move forward in adding it to your Cerkl. If it cannot find a feed then you cannot use that source inside of your Cerkl and should look for an alternative.

After you have selected the feed your Cerkl will pull from you will then enter your Content Source Settings.

You will first enter the:

  1. Content Source Title

  2. Who the Source is associated with - This will associate all articles brought in from this source to a specific Author. Which can either be your Cerkl Organization or any of your Team Members who are designated as Content Authors

  3. This is the URL of the feed your Cerkl will be pulling stories from

  4. Content Expiration Days - These are the number of days all stories pulled from the source will be published and eligible to be sent out inside of your Newsletter

  5. Initial Load Number - This is the number of stories that will be pulled from the source when it is first entered into your Cerkl. These will all be previously published articles on the sources feed. Please note: that the sources will be updated at the start of the hour

After you enter those you will set the following controls:

  1. Enable Source - Toggling this on will allow Cerkl to read the content of the sources to assign categories that our system matches it content with. If this is toggled off then the only Categories that will be automatically assigned to this sources stories are the ones from it’s feed

  2. Moderation - Toggling this one will send the articles pulled to the queue instead of approving them right away. When they are placed in the queue a Team Member with the Approve Content permission will need to manually approve these stories to be eligible to be sent out inside of your Newsletters. Please Note: When toggled off the articles pulled from the Source will be approved automatically and eligible to be sent out in your Newsletters

  3. Link Tracking - Toggling on will allow you to track if your subscribers click on links that are provided in the feed. If this is toggled off then you will not be able to track this.

  4. Include Categories - Here you have the option to select Categories that will be tagged onto all articles that are pulled from this source.

  5. Exclude Categories - Here you can select Categories that you don’t want articles tagged with to be pulled from your source. By selecting one of these Categories any article with it will not be pulled from the source even if it is tagged with other Categories that are relevant to your audience.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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