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The Approved page contains all of your published and scheduled to be published Content. Here, you can keep tabs on the eligible Content for your News Digests and see what future Content you have set to be published.

You can access this page by going to Content > Approved. Once on this page, you will see your pieces of Content listed in sequential order, starting with the most recent publish date.

On your Approved page, you will see the following columns of information:

  1. Post: This column contains the image and title being used to represent the piece of Content, and this is what Subscribers will see inside their News Digest and on the Content Archive page.

  2. Publish - Expiration: This column contains the date the piece of Content is published and eligible to go out in the News Digest, and the date the piece of Content will expire and no longer be eligible for News Digests. If you see a green tree and "Never Expires” in this column, this means the Content is Evergreen; therefore, it will never expire unless it is assigned an expiration date.

  3. Segments: This column contains the name of any Segments targeted or restricted to your piece of Content inside the Distribution Settings.

  4. Categories: This column contains the Categories that have been assigned to this piece of Content. Categories can be assigned manually or auto generated if the Content is pulled from a source.

  5. Source: This column will show if the piece of Content was pulled from a source or if it was created manually. If the Content was created manually, this column will be blank. If it was pulled from a source, you will see the source title listed.

Content Actions

Under each post image, you can see the following actions:

  1. Edit Content: Click this icon to edit the Content, even after it has been published. All recipients of this Content AFTER it has been edited will receive the updated version. Note: Clicking this icon will open the Content Editor in a new tab.

  2. View Content: Click this icon to view the Content on its own story page, or the page from the source it is pushed from. Note: This is where your Subscribers will be directed when they click on the piece of Content inside of their News Digest.

  3. Copy Content: Click this icon to copy a piece of Content and open the duplicate inside the Content Editor. Note: Clicking this icon will open the Content Editor in a new tab

  4. Share Link: Click this icon to open a pop-up modal with the public link to the piece of Content. Once copied, you can send it to anyone to allow them to view the Content (they don't need to be a Subscriber of your Instance). Please Note: The Share Link icon is only available for private Instances. This is because public Instances can get a public link from the content’s Story Page.

  5. Repost Content: Click this icon to repost a piece of Content to another Instance. To learn more about this option, check out this article. Please Note: You will only see this icon if you have Approve Content or Admin permissions in more than one Instance.

  6. Delete Content: Click this icon to delete a piece of Content and make it no longer eligible for News Digests. Please Note: Once Content is deleted, you cannot reverse this action.

As you probably noticed, some of these icons are only available on certain pieces of Content:

  • The Copy Content icon is only available for Content that is manually created because you can manipulate the copied Content and change it for later use.

  • The Share Link icon is only available for Content that isn’t being pushed from an external source.

Sort, Search, Filter


Click the drop-down next to Sort By > choose what you would like to sort your Content by > click Sort.

Please Note: You can click the arrow to the right of the drop-down to choose the sorting order.


Using the search bar in the upper right hand corner of your screen, you can search for any particular piece of Content you're looking for.


Click the blue filter icon, in the top right corner of your screen, to see filtering options. Select the options you would like to filter by using the drop-downs and then click Apply Filters.

Please Note: Evergreen Content is automatically shown on this page. If you would like to only see Content that is not evergreen, you uncheck "Include Evergreen Content" inside the filter menu. You can also check the box next to "Include Expired Content" inside the filter menu if you want this page to show you expired Content.

Bulk Actions

When viewing your Content, you have the option to interact with each piece of Content individually OR you can check the box to the left of each piece of Content to select multiple pieces at once and perform a bulk action. Once you check the box next to the pieces of Content you want to select, you will see a Bulk Actions drop-down appear where you can select the bulk action you want to perform. Then, click Apply.

Please Note: If you would like to do a bulk action to ALL pieces of Content shown on the page, check the box to the left of Post.

Calendar View

In the top right corner of the screen, you will see a little calendar button. If you click this button, a calendar view of your Content will open. In this view, you will see a which pieces of Content are published, eligible, or expired on each day.

  • Content titles in RED indicate that’s the day the piece of Content will expire and not be eligible for News Digests after that.

  • Content titles in GREEN indicate that’s the day that piece of Content will be published and eligible to be sent in News Digests.

  • Content titles in GRAY indicate that piece of Content is eligible to be included in a News Digest on that day.

You can view Content that is eligible to be sent in the future using the arrow buttons next to the month and year. To return to the current month, click the This Month button.

Once you are finished looking at the calendar view, click on the table button (located to the right of the This Month button) to return to the table view.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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