There are a few ways you can repost Content from one Instance to another:

  • Repost icon: Repost after Content has been published.

  • Other Cerkls feature: While creating, choose to post on multiple Instances at once.

  • Share Link: Copy a link from a published piece of Content and share it in another Instance.

If you would like to repost a piece of Content from one Instance to another Instance, you can use the Repost icon in the Content Hub.

Please Note: You will only see the repost option if you are an Administrator or have Approve Content permissions in multiple Instances. This is because you can only repost Content to another Instance if you are an Administrator of that Instance or if you have Approve Content permissions in that Instance.

To repost a piece of published Content to another Instance, go to Content > Approved > click the Repost icon under the post image (boxed in red above).

Once you click the icon, you will see a Repost Content pop-up modal. In this modal, use the checkboxes to select the other Organization(s) where you would like this piece of Content reposted. Once you finish selecting, click Submit to publish this Content in the selected Organization(s).

If you would like to post a piece of Content in multiple Instances at once during the creation process, you can use the Other Cerkls feature. This feature is shown when creating NEW Content. This means, you will not see this option when editing already created Content.

Please Note: This feature is only available for Instances with a Parent/Child relationship, and is only shown as an option for the PARENT Cerkl.

When you start creating a piece of Content from scratch in your Parent Cerkl, scroll to the bottom of the Content Editor. Below the Category options, you will see the Other Cerkls section. Use this drop-down to select the Child Cerkls you would like to post this same piece of Content in. Once you select them from the drop-down, click Publish and the Content will be published in both Instances.

If you would like to copy a piece of Content from one Instance to another, you can copy the Content’s public link and then create the same Content in another Instance using that URL.

Copy Link

To copy the shareable link for a published piece of Content, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Content > Approved.

  2. Click the Share Link icon under the post image > click Copy in the pop-up modal to copy the Public Link.

    Please Note: Only private Instances will see the Share Link icon. If you are a public Instance, click the View Content icon under the post image and copy the URL from the Story Page.

  3. After you have this link, log into the Instance you want to add this content to and follow the steps below under Create Content.

For more information on Content shareable links, check out this article.

Create Content

Once you have your public link and you are logged into the other Instance, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Content > click the yellow Share a Link icon (located in the left-hand menu).

  2. Paste the link you copied into the field under Article URL.

  3. Once the article populates, you can make any necessary edits and then click the Publish button to publish this article in your Instance.

For more information on creating Content with a link, check out this article.

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