The share a link feature is meant to be used for specific stories you want to pull in from an external source and approved to be sent to your subscribers. This is a good alternative to creating a story from scratch because you don’t have to manually create anything since you are pulling the information from an already published article.

To share a link go to Content > click on the yellow link icon in the left hand menu > then paste the article URL in the box and click the check mark. Your Cerkl will then generate the stories Title, Subtitle & Summary, and Story Image based off of the information inside the article URL pasted. The information that is pulled in from the link is not final and you can change everything that is automatically brought in when inside of the story editor.

If you would like to track who clicks on the link then you can turn link tracking on using the toggle above the link. You can use this for insights to see the number of Subscribers that click on the link.

All the information besides the article link can be edited and contain the information you want. The information in this article will cover how to edit the details needed to make your content eligible: How to Create or Edit a story

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