The Content Archive is a place where all the stories published in your Cerkls’ Newsletters are stored. Once they are eligible to be sent out in your Newsletter they will be published onto the Content Archive.

This is a great resource for your Subscribers to leverage to catch up on content they might have missed or reference if they want to re-read. Non-subscribers also can access your Content Archive and can subscribe to your Newsletter from the page (if your Cerkl is not set to private).

How to Access the Content Archive

There are multiple ways for you to access your Content Archive.

  1. In the Content Hub you can click on the Content Archive button which will take you to the Archive. Pro Cerklers Tips: If you have a Public Cerkl you can copy the link from your content archive and send it to non-subscribers for them to look at your Content Archive and possibly subscribe.
  2. To get the content archive link - go to the Content Hub > Content Controls > scroll down to the bottom of the page > click the Get Link button next to Share Content Archive Link Please Note: This link is only to be used with Private Cerkls because they their Content Archive is private, while public Cerkls’ are not.
  3. You can access the content archive at the bottom of all newsletters you receive by click the prompt: “Missed Something: Everything is Archived Here”, or by also clicking on the header image

Content Archive Pages

There are 6 navigation buttons at your disposal at the top of your Content Archive:

  1. All News - This pages includes every type of story that is published(Story, Need, and Event)
  2. Updates - This pages will only show the stories that have been published inside of your Content Hub
  3. Needs - This page will only show the Needs that have been published inside of your Content Hub
  4. Events - This page will only show the Events published inside of your Content Hub
  5. Search - Here you can type in and search for Stories by their title
  6. My Preferences - This is where current Subscribers of your Cerkl can change and save their Newsletter preferences. Any non-subscribers visiting your Cerkl will see an option to Subscribe here instead of “My Preferences”

Where can people subscribe to my Newsletter?

When any non-subscribers reach your Content Archive there will be an area in the top right hand corner where they can enter their email and agree to the privacy policy which will subscribe them to your Cerkl. After entering their email they will be sent through the same steps as the Welcome Email to select the Categories they are interested in, their Newsletter layout, and delivery date and time.

Changing Newsletter Preferences

When current Subscribers access the Content Archive they will see the option in the right corner to edit their current Newsletter preferences. This is where Subscribers can change their category interests, Newsletter delivery date & time and layout, and their setting. Pro Cerklers Tip: Your Subscribers can also change these options by clicking on the “Personalize this email! Schedule, stories, format” link in the footer of each other their Newsletters.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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