Your Subscribers are your audience members who receive your Personalized Digests or Email Blasts sent from your Cerkl Broadcast account. To access your Subscribers head to Audience > Subscribers.

Subscriber Details

So, what do all of these fields mean? Let's take a deeper dive.

Name: Reflects the First and Last Name of your Subscriber. This information can be passed through to Cerkl Broadcast system in multiple ways: Import from a CSV file, Subscriber Plugin, API Integration with 3rd party System of Record or from Cerkl's native integration with OptinMonster.

Email: Reflects the Email Address of your Subscriber. This is the address that any Personalized Digests or Email Blasts will be sent to.

Opt-in Status: Reflects the delivery status of your Subscriber. Should your Subscribers only receive Email Blasts? What about Personalized Newsletters (or Personalized Digests)? What about both? Maybe they requested to be Unsubscribed from your communications, that's fine too - You have the tools to make modifications to individual Subscribers at a moments notice.

Segments: Reflect the groups or Segments that your Subscriber are tied to. Segments are used to target Content or Email Blasts to specific groups of your Audience & can also be used to filter Insights.

Date Subscribed: Reflects the date that this Subscriber was added as a new Audience Member within your account.

Date Personalized: Reflects the date that a Subscriber set their Personalization Preferences via the Welcome Email. You will notice 3 states for this field:

  • Blank Field: This means that your Welcome Email is turned off & this Subscriber cannot personalize their experience on their own.
  • Date - This means that your Subscriber has completed the Welcome Email flow and has set their Personalization Preferences on the indicated date.
  • Email Icon - This means that your Subscriber has not yet personalized their experience. To encourage them to do so, simply click the purple Email Icon next to their name. This action will trigger a new Welcome Email to be sent to that individual Subscriber. NOTE: Admins and Team Members will have the purple Email Icon next to their name even if they have personalized.

To learn more about Personalization Rate click here.

Privacy: Reflects the level of tracking and personalization for your Subscribers. By default each Subscriber will be set to "Personalize my experience" which is the optimal input allowing the Cerkl system to track, analyze and automate your Personalized Digests and Email Blasts.

This Privacy option is included to comply with GDPR (EU's General Data Protection Regulation).

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the help bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer!

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