Subscribers are the Audience Members who receive the News Digests or Blasts sent from your Instance.

To view your Subscribers page, go to Audience > Subscribers.

On this page, you will see the following 6 columns of information:

  1. Name: The Subscriber's first and last name. This information can be passed through to Cerkl Broadcast system in multiple ways: Import from a CSV file, Subscriber Plugin, API Integration with 3rd party System of Record, or from Cerkl's native integration with OptinMonster.

    Please Note: The Administrators in your Instance will have a purple crown icon next to their name and the Team Members will have a gray chess rook icon next to their name.

  2. Email: The Subscriber's email address. This is the address that any News Digests or Blasts will be sent to.

  3. Opt-in Status: The Subscriber's delivery status: Email Blasts Only, News Digests Only, Email Blasts and News Digests.

    To learn more about opt-in status, check out this article.

  4. Segments: The Segments that the Subscriber is part of. Segments are used to target Content or Blasts.

    To learn how to export the Subscribers in a Segment to CSV, check out this article.

  5. Date Subscribed: The date the Subscriber was added as a new Audience Member within your Instance.

  6. Date Personalized: The date the Subscriber went through the personalization process via the Welcome Email. You will notice 4 states for this field:

    • Blank Field: This means the Subscriber has not received the Welcome Email. This could be because they are not opted-in to receive News Digests or the Welcome Email was toggled OFF in Audience Controls when they subscribed.

    • Date: This means the Subscriber completed the personalization process on that specified date.

    • Date + Mail Icon: This means a Team Member has completed the personalization process on that specified date. The mail icon in this column allows Team Members to resend the Welcome Email to themselves to see what it looks like.

    • Email Icon: This means the Subscriber received the Welcome Email, but has not gone through the personalization process. To encourage them to do so, simply click the mail icon in the Date Personalized column. This action will trigger a new Welcome Email to be sent to that individual Subscriber.

      If you would like to learn how to resend your Welcome Email to all non-personalized Subscribers, check out this article.

  7. Privacy: The level of tracking and personalization for the Subscribers. Hover over the icon in this column to see the Subscriber's privacy level:

    • Personalize my experience (default).

    • Personalize my experience but do not learn about me.

    • Personalize my experience but do not report on my activity.

    • Do not personalize my experience.

    To learn more about the Subscriber privacy options, check out this article.

    Please Note: Privacy options are included to comply with GDPR (EU's General Data Protection Regulation).

If you would like to learn how to edit Subscriber details, filter through your Subscribers, or search for a Subscriber, check out these articles.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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