Click-Thru Rate = number of Clicks inside of your Newsletter / number of Newsletter Opens

If your Click-Thru Rate is low there is no need to panic! The national average Click-Thru Rate is just 2%. That means only 2% of your Subscribers who open your Newsletter are expected to click on your articles or links in your emails. The tips below are going to help you not only get above a 2% Click-Thru Rate but will help you get to Cerkl’s average Click-Thru Rate which is 23%!

Here are 4 tactics to use to improve your Click-Thru Rate:

Take an audit of the types of content inside of your Content Hub. Is it diverse or repetitive? Is there content that will cater to many Subscribers’ interests? Ask yourself these questions, because Subscribers will not engage with content they are not interested in, and if you have a lot of Content on the same subject or tagged with the same categories then that could be alienating part of your audience by not catering to their interests.

We recommend looking at your sources, and think about what types of content are not being pulled in, then add a few sources that fill the void. Once done you can experiment over a 30 or 60 day period and see if the new pieces being brought in have an impact on your Click-Thru Rate.

Inside of Insights > Categories you will see the opportunities page. Once viewed you will see your most popular Categories that have been tagged to your stories. Any Category with a purple plus sign next to it indicates that that specific category is not one of your Cerkls’ Organizational Categories.

Non Organizational Categories are a great opportunity to capitalize on. By going into your Content Controls you can add some of the categories that are most popular among your audience. Adding these will do 2 things:

  • Make them available for future Subscribers to indicate explicit interest in when going through the Personalization Process
  • Make the categories available for easy tagging for future stories by being available at the bottom of the story editor. This means you will be able to see the category, then click on it to tag any future stories

There are Subscribers of your Cerkl who have not gone through the Personalization Process and personalized their experience. These Subscribers will have their Delivery date, time frequency and format preferences set to your Organization Default.

We recommend going into Settings > Email Newsletter and setting the Newsletter delivery frequency, date & time, and format to one that is audience friendly.

We typically recommend setting the Delivery Frequency to every week, the Delivery Date should be on Monday if the content you are sending is informative, if the content is meant to catch you subscribers up on things that have happened then it should be set to Friday. The Delivery Time to 9 am or 12 pm and the Newsletter Format to either Headlines Plus or Headlines Only (I’d personally go with Headlines Only because that makes it easier on the Subscriber to get into the Newsletter and see what interests them the most).

When inside of the Email Newsletter there will be three things that drive a Subscriber to click on a story:

  1. The Story Title
  2. The Story Summary
  3. The Story Image

It is important to make these three pieces of your Newsletter eye catching and engaging. Your Subscribers will have different Newsletter formats, some may have the Traditional Format where they can see all three of those, while others might just have Headlines Only where they will only see the Story Title and Image. That is why it is important to make each of those three pieces of your Newsletter interesting, because if they are not then the percentage chance of a Subscriber clicking on the story will drop dramatically.

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