Subject Lines should be considered your message's first impression and hopefully compel your audience to take action by clicking and opening your email. At Cerkl Broadcast, we've come up with the perfect formula to catch your audience's attention.

Factors of Subject Lines

As we begin to automate and personalize your Subject Lines, there are several factors that go into building them:

  • Do we know the audience member's Categories of interest?

  • Are Posting Priorities set for any Stories, Links or Events?

  • Are Stories, Links or Events targeted to a specific Segment?

  • What is your account's Maximum Content to Send?

  • Are any Stories, Links or Events over 90% of interest for a given audience member?

Our system does a number of checks on each Subscriber and your Cerkl determine what subject line is best for them. Below we run through the order of checks that occur in our system.

Check #1: Is “Always use default subject line” on?

If yes: Then the default subject line will be used no matter what

If no: Then we move onto Check #2

Check #2: Is there Priority Content in the Newsletter?

If yes: Then reference the following image to see what your Subject Line will be. Please note in the following examples your subject line prepend will be used in the subject line here.

If no: Then move on to check #3

Check #3: Does a Story have over 90% relevancy to the Subscriber?

If yes: Then one of your Stories, Links or Events will become the main focus of the Subject Line as seen in the image below. Please Note: We can turn this option off on our end so if you would like us to do so please reach out.

If no: Then go to Check #4.

Check #4 Do the stories have tags on them?

If yes: Then the subject line will be one of the two depending on if the Subscriber is personalized or not.

If no: Then go to check #5

Check #5 Is there a fallback subject line?

If yes: Then the Fallback Subject Line, will be used as the Digest's Subject Line when Posting Priorities are not in use and the Audience Member has not yet personalized their experience.

If no: Then check #6 is used.

Check #6:

If total content in the Newsletter is greater than 3 then the subject line will be: "Our x most popular stories from the past {delivery frequency}”

If total content in the Newsletter is greater than 3 then the subject line will be: “What’s Trending at your Org (Cerkl Abbreviation)”

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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