You can find your Miscellaneous Sending Controls inside Settings > News Digest. These controls will allow you to further customize your account defaults.

Please Note: You must click the Save button in the top right-hand corner to save any changes made on this page.

  1. Target Audience: You can choose between the following two options for your News Digest Target Audience:

    • Send based on opt-in status only (recommended)

      • This option is recommended and will send your News Digest based on your Subscribers opt-in status.

    • Send based on opt-in status and segment

      • When this option is enabled, you will select which of your Segments will receive your News Digest Content. Using your Segments, you can add an additional layer of control to who gets your Personalized Digest.

    Please Note: In order to receive a News Digest, Subscribers must have their Opt-In Status set to "News Digests Only” or “Email Blasts and News Digests” in the Audience Manager.

  2. Suppress Auto-Replies: When toggled ON, Broadcast will include message headers that attempt to stop email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, from sending back auto-replies in response to your News Digests.

    To read more about suppressing these replies, check out this article.

  3. Fallback Subject Line: Custom Fallback Subject Lines are used in the subject lines for Subscribers who have NOT gone through the personalization process, and it will be sent to Subscribers exactly as it is entered.

    To learn more about how subject lines are created, check out this article.

  4. Auto Adjust Frequency: When toggled ON, unengaged Subscribers will receive Content at a lower frequency due to their low engagement.

  5. Display Percentage Match & Trending: When toggled ON, Cerkl Broadcast will display a percent match and trending for Content in their News Digest.

    • Percent Match: Displays a percent match between the Subscriber and each piece of Content they receive. Each percentage is unique to the Subscriber and is calculated based on their engagement behavior.

    • Trending: Stories that are receiving high engagement from your Subscribers will be tagged as “Trending” to show Subscribers which pieces of Content are popular among your Audience.

  6. Skip National Holidays: When toggled ON, Content will NOT be sent on nationally recognized holidays. To view a list of the recognized US holidays, click on the More drop-down arrow.

    Please Note: When toggled ON, the send dates that fall on a nationally recognized holiday will be skipped. This means the Subscribers that were supposed to receive a News Digest on that holiday will NOT receive any News Digest Content until their next scheduled send date.

  7. Minimum Content Required to Send: This is the minimum number of stories that must be eligible to send to your Subscribers in your Content Hub. If the number of eligible stories is less than your Minimum Content Required to Send, then your News Digest will NOT be sent. We recommend setting this to 2 or 3 so you will most likely always have enough Content to be sent out inside of your News Digests.

  8. Maximum Content to Send: This is the maximum number of stories that can be delivered to your Subscribers on the channels where they view their Content. Ex: If your Maximum Content to Send is 5, but you have 10 stories in your Approved tab, your Subscribers will only receive 5 of those.

Check out these two articles to learn more about setting your default News Digest delivery time, frequency, and format and to learn how to add Promotions to your News Digest.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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