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Your Content Controls let you set and customize different aspects of your Content Hub.

To access your Content Controls, go to Content > Controls. On this page, your controls are separated into four sections:

Reminder: You must click Save in the upper right-hand corner of your screen to save any changes you make.


In the General section, you will have the following controls related to your Content:

  1. Moderation: This is where you can choose if you want your Team Members moderated by default (toggled ON), or you can choose to moderate them yourself (toggled OFF).

  2. Content Queue Notification Frequency: This is where you can choose how often Team Members are notified when new Content has entered into the queue and is waiting to be approved and eligible to be sent out in News Digests. This is especially useful to keep you up to date on the articles that are constantly being pushed from your sources.

    • Use the drop-down to select a notification frequency: Never, Daily, or Weekly

  3. Default Expiration Days: This is the default number of expiration days for all Content created in your Content Hub. This is not set in stone as you will still be able to edit the expiration dates on all pieces of Content. This will just be the date set (and used) if the expiration date is not edited.

    • Use the slider to select the number of days after a piece of Content is published that you would like it to be expired OR you can set all Content to evergreen as default by checking the box next to Never Expire(Evergreen).

  4. Share Content Archive Link: This is a public link to your Content Archive page, which you can copy and share by clicking the Get Link button.

    • Please Note: This feature is only available for private Instances because a non-subscriber cannot access a private Instance's Content Archive page without this link. If the Instance is public, non-subscribers can access the Content Archive page using the normal URL.


In the Categories section, you have the option to select all the Categories that your Subscribers can select as interests during the personalization process.

To add a Category, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the down arrow on the right side of the category box.

  2. Type in the Category you want to add.

    • If the Category auto-populates in the drop down box, click the Category in the drop-down to add it to your Instance's Categories.

    • If the Category doesn't auto-populate, you can type the Category out and press enter to add it to your Instance's Categories.

      Please Note: There is a maximum limit of 40 Categories you can add for your Subscribers to choose from when they go through the personalization process, BUT you can add additional Categories on the story level. To learn where you can add Categories when creating/editing a piece of Content, check out this article.

On this page, you will also see the option to toggle Auto Generate Categories on or off.

  • If toggled ON, your Instance will automatically attempt to add Categories to all Content pushed from your sources. When toggled ON, our AI reads the RSS feeds of the articles pushed in from sources and pulls out which Categories should be assigned to them.

  • If toggled OFF, no Categories will be assigned to the pieces of Content pushed in from your sources and your Team Members will have to assign them manually.

Content Style

In the Content Style section, you have the ability to choose the default color options that you would like when creating new Content. These will be the colors that will be used for links, text, and the second row of font color options in the Content Editor.

Please Note: If none are selected, the default colors will be based on your Settings > Branding selections.


In the Authors section, you have the ability to toggle Content Authors on or off.

  • Toggling this ON will allow you to select the Author of each piece of Content published. These authors will also appear as individuals your Subscribers can follow during the personalization process.

  • Toggling this OFF with show all Content created in your Instance as being authored by your organization. To learn how to add and create new Content Authors, check out this article.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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