Your Cerkls' branding will be seen inside of Broadcast by your team and by all of your Subscribers so it’s important to make sure it is on brand. To go to your Branding go to Settings > Branding.

1. Profile Image: Appears on the Content Archive page as well as in the footer of all Newsletters & Blasts. If you would like a preview of what the image will look like on your Content archive click the “View” button.

Best Image Size: 200 x 200 pixels

Max File Size: 100KB

Accepted File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF

2. Favicon Image: This image appears in the browser tab to the right of the URL for Content published directly in Cerkl Broadcast as well at the Content Archive page.

Best Image Size: 32 x 32 pixels

Max File Size: 50KB

Accepted File Types: ICO, PNG

3. Theme Color: Your Theme color will be assigned to any text or buttons that are automatically generated by Broadcast. A few examples of these are the Title text inside of your Content archive and the “Read More” buttons inside of each Newsletter. To preview what your buttons will look like look to the right in the “Check Readability'' section which will preview what the buttons in your Newsletters will look like with your Cerkls' Theme Color.

To set your Theme click on the color and then either select a color using the color wheel or input a hex code.

4. Background Color: This will be the background color of all Newsletters sent by your Cerkl. To set the background color click on the color and then use the color wheel or input a hex code.

The font that you select here will be the default font that is used inside of your Newsletters, The Content Hub, and inside the Blast Editor. To select your font click on the drop down menu and select from one of the provided fonts.

  1. If you have a custom font then you can click “custom”
  2. Then add the fonts name in the Display Name box
  3. Then ad the name of the Font in the Primary Font box
  4. Add the name of a more common font in the Fallback Font box. The fallback font will display on the screens of any Subscribers whose system doesn support your primary custom font.
  5. If none of the two fonts entered can be displayed on the screen then a Serif or Sans Serif font will be displayed (which can be selected in the final drop down box.

This image will appear at the top of every Personalized Digest sent from your account. By default your Newsletter Header Image will hyperlink to your Content Archive. To modify where the link should take your Audience, click Edit Link and provide a new URL. Please Note: When you use a custom link the link to the Content Archive will be removed from the bottom of your Newsletter Footer.

Best Image Size: 600 x 200 pixels

Max File Size: 200KB

Accepted File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF

This will be the header of the welcome email that is sent to all new subscribers and subsequently resent to any subscribers who don’t personalize their Cerkl. This header will only be included in the welcome email and no others. To resend your welcome email to current Subscribers who haven’t subscribed press Resend Welcome Email which will take you to your Audience controls, where you can resend it.

Best Image Size: 580 x 120 pixels

Max File Size: 200KB

Accepted File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF

This image will appear at the top of your Content Archive, to preview what the image will look like click the View button.

Best Image Size: 1500 x 500 pixels

Max File Size: 500KBAccepted

File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF

These images will be used as story images for any story that is not assigned a Story Image. We recommend uploading multiple images because they will be assigned at random to stories without Story Images. You can upload as many Image Placeholders as you would like, to turn off an image placeholder click the toggle under the image so that it is grey. To delete an Image Placeholder click the red trash can icon

Best Image Size: 600 x 400 pixels

Max File Size: 100KB

Accepted File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer!

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