By personalizing their Cerkl experience your Subscribers will receive tailored, relevant content from your organization.

Personalization rate (% Personalized) is the percentage of Subscribers who are receiving tailored content based on the interests and preferences our A.I has learned about these Subscribers. To check your personalization rate go to Insights > Channels > Newsletters. Here you will see your Cerkl Snapshot which will show the percentage of your audience that is personalized along with other insights.

To check if an individual has personalized their experience go to

Audience > Subscribers > search for the subscriber you are looking for using the search bar or orange filter icon > look at the column Date Personalized.

If there is a date next to the subscriber’s name that is the date they personalized their newsletter. If there is not a date, that means the subscriber has not personalized.

To learn about how to increase you personalization rate, check out this article

Tips for Increasing Your Personalization Rate (a.k.a. % Personalized).

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