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What is % Personalized?
What is % Personalized?

Personalization Rate, Number of Personalized Subscribers

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Inside Insights > Channels > News Digest, you will see the Cerkl Snapshot, which contains the % Personalized metric. This metric shows the percentage of your Subscribers receiving a personalized Cerkl Experience. This metric is different than the percentage of your Subscribers who have gone through the personalization process.


What is the difference between % Personalized and going through the personalization process?

The difference is that those who go through the personalization process select their interests explicitly, while everyone included in the % Personalized metric has a personalized experience based on their implicit interest.

The % Personalized metric shown inside of your Cerkl Snapshot is a reflection of the number of Subscribers who are receiving tailored/personalized content. A Subscriber does not need to go through the personalization process in order to receive personalized content, they just need to engage with content. Once a Subscriber engages with content, our AI will weigh the Categories they have engaged with, and they will receive personalized content in the future based on those weighted Categories of interest.


Why is this important?

Understanding how many of your Subscribers are receiving personalized content is important because it gives you an idea as to how much of your Subscriber base receives the ideal Cerkl experience.

% Personalized also gives you an insight into your Subscribers' behavior and context to analyze other Insight metrics. A high % Personalized means that many of your Subscribers have engaged with your content in the past, while a low % Personalized means that a majority of them have not engaged with your content.

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