Before you panic, remember that the national average Click-Thru Rate is just 2%! That means that only 2% of your subscribers are expected to click on your articles or links in your emails. Compare that to Cerkl's average Click-Thru Rate of almost 23% and your mind is blown - crazy, right?

When thinking about your click-through rate, don't forget that Cerkl's personalization software already takes care of the hard work - curating content that is of interest to each and every subscriber! Because the the platform learns your subscribers' explicit and implicit interests, they receive articles that are relevant to them.

Here are some helpful tips to boost your Cerkl's Click-Thru Rate:

1) Choose the best newsletter format for your audience.

Cerkl offers three effective newsletter formats (Just the Headlines, Headlines Plus, and Traditional) - each with its unique pros and cons. Depending on your audience's lifestyles, interests, and preferences, they may react to each format differently. And depending on what kind of content you're pulling into your newsletters, you may prefer one format over another.

2) Create engaging headlines and summaries.

Of course, headlines are of utmost importance. But often-forgotten summaries alongside your articles allow your audience to preview each piece of content and choose whether they're interested. Rather than writing bland, boring copy that may leave your subscribers guessing as to what your articles are about, add exciting, engaging headlines and summaries that grab your subscribers' attention when they're scrolling through your newsletters!

Clickbait  looks spammy. You can spot clickbait titles or subject lines typically when WRITTEN IN ALL CAPS, with trigger words like ‘free’ or ‘selling fast’ or when followed by overuse of exclamation points!!!!!!! Users find this behavior dishonest and it can really hurt your clicks.

3) Add images to each story.

Of course, beautiful images associated with your headlines will not hurt your click-through rate. Studies have shown that stories accompanied by photos are about 94% more engaging than those without images. Be sure to pick relevant photos that make sense with each article.

Add image placeholders in Settings > Branding to make sure that even if you create a story without an image, photos will still pair with your articles in your newsletter and Content Archive. If an article is pulled into your Cerkl via the Link option or your content sources and no photo is attached, your image placeholders will fill the empty space.

Customize your Cerkl with your organization's branding - colors, logos, slogans, etc. This will make your newsletters and dedicated emails feel more personal! Access your Cerkl's branding by going to Settings > Branding.

Let's get some clicks!!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at! Or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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