You can locate your Audience Controls by clicking Audience > Controls (in the left hand menu).

Welcome Email:

  • Send Welcome Email:

    • When toggled ON, a Welcome Email will be sent to new Subscribers. Whenever Send Welcome Email gets toggled ON, every current Subscriber that has not previously been sent a Welcome Email will be sent one.

      • For example: If I subscribed to a new Cerkl in June, and this control isn’t toggled ON until August, then I will not receive my first Welcome Email until August.

    • When this is toggled OFF, new Subscribers will NOT receive a Welcome Email.

  • Resend to Non-Personalized Subscribers: If you click this button, Subscribers that have not gone through the personalization process will receive another Welcome Email as a reminder to go through this process.

Subscriber Options:

  • Allow Unsubscribe: When toggled OFF, Subscribers will NOT be able to unsubscribe from your messages. This should ONLY be used if your Cerkl is private/internal.

Privacy and Security:

  • Show GDPR Compliance: When toggled ON, your organization’s Cerkl will be GDPR compliant. To learn more about GDPR please click on the bolded link.

  • Restrict Domains: When toggled ON, a restriction will be placed on which email domains can be added to your Cerkl via import or integration. Please Note: This feature is only available for INTERNAL communication accounts.

At the bottom of the Audience Controls page, there are two separate links:

  1. Click the FIRST link to learn more about GDPR.

  2. Click the SECOND link to open your GDPR Settings.

If you click the second link (GDPR Settings) the pop-up box pictured above will appear. These settings allow you to choose a default Privacy Level for Subscribers who have not yet chosen their personalization level. The following Privacy Level options are available:

  • Personalize each individual’s experience.

  • Personalize each individual’s experience but do not learn about them.

  • Personalize each individual’s experience but do not report on activity.

  • Do not personalize each individual's experience.

Note: You will be asked to check a box and give consent for the updates being made to these privacy settings. If you have the consent of all my subscribers to update their privacy settings, check the box and then click the blue Update button.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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