The Restricting Domains feature allows you to control the email domains that can subscribe to your Broadcast Instance. If you choose to remove an email domain, the current Subscribers with that domain will be unsubscribed. Also, if you upload emails (via API integration OR manual CSV upload), all the emails that use a non-allowed domain will fail in the upload process and will not be added to your list of Subscribers.

Please Note: This feature is only available for INTERNAL communication accounts.

To locate Restrict Domains, go to Audience > Controls > scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you can toggle Restrict Domains on or off.

Note: Make sure you click Save in the top right corner of the screen after any changes are made. If you do not, none of your changes will be saved.

If you toggle Restrict Domains ON, you will have the ability to restrict which email domains/subdomains can be included in your Broadcast Instance (via import or integration).

Current Domains

When Restrict Domains is toggled ON, you will see the following columns:

  • Domain: Added email domains in your Broadcast Instance.

  • Count: The number of Subscribers in your Broadcast Instance with the listed email domain.

  • State: Shows whether or not a given domain can subscribe to your Broadcast Instance.

    • Allow - Enables email addresses from the listed domain to be subscribed to your Instance.

    • Remove - Disables the ability for email addresses from the listed domain to be subscribed to your Instance and unsubscribes Subscribers from your Instance with this email domain.

Adding New Domains

To add a new domain, click the Add New Domain button > enter the domain name you wish to add > click Add > choose the domain State in the drop-down list: Allow or Remove (Allow is default) > click Save.

Domain Actions

Viewing emails in a domain:

  • Click on the domain name OR the number listed under Count to view and search the names/emails included in this domain.

Changing the state of a domain:

  • Click the drop-down arrow under State in the row of the domain you would like to edit > choose Allow or Remove > click Save.

    NOTE: If you change an Allow domain to Remove, all the Subscribers with that domain will be removed from your Broadcast Instance when you click Save.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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