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Story Text Editor Overview
Story Text Editor Overview

Text Style, Formatting Options, Content Text Editor

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When adding text to your Content inside of the Story Editor, you have plenty of formatting and styling options to choose from in the text editor toolbar.

All the editing option you have inside the toolbar are broken up into two section below: First Row Icons and Second Row Icons.

First Row Icons

In the first row of the toolbar, you will see the following icons:

  1. Bold: Bold your text.

  2. Italic: Italicize your text.

  3. Underline: Underline your text.

  4. Strikethrough: Strikethrough your text.

  5. Subscript: Start typing below your regular text.

  6. Superscript: Start typing above your regular text.

  7. Font Family: Use the drop-down to select a font for your text. The default font for your Instance can be found inside Settings > Branding.

  8. Font Size: Change the size of your text.

  9. Text Color: You can change your text color by either selecting one of the color options OR by entering a hex code for a more custom text color.

  10. Background Color: You can add/change the highlight color of your text by either selecting one of the color options OR by entering a hex code for a more custom text color.

  11. Line Height: Use this drop-down to select the line height of your text: Default, Single, 1.15, 1.5, or Double.

  12. Paragraph Format: Use this drop-down to select the paragraph format: Normal, Heading 1, or Heading 2.

  13. Align: Use this drop-down to choose a text alignment: Left, Center, Right, Justify.

  14. Ordered List: Use this drop-down to select a type of ordered list: Default, Lower Alpha, Lower Greek, Lower Roman, Upper Alpha, or Upper Roman.

  15. Unordered List: Use this drop-down to select a type of unordered list: Default, Circle, Disc, Square.

  16. Decrease Indent: Decrease the indent before your text.

  17. Increase Indent: Increase the indent before your text.

  18. Quote: Quote your text. You will have two options in the drop-down: Increase or Decrease.

Second Row Icons

In the second row of the toolbar, you will see the following icons:

  1. Insert Link: Enter a URL to hyperlink your text.

  2. Insert Image: Insert an image from your computer or by entering a URL. If the file size is too big, you can resize the image or save as a different file type to reduce the size.

  3. Insert Video: Insert a video using the video URL or embedding the code inside of the Story. Please Note: The video will NOT play inside the News Digest. It will only play when the Story is clicked and it opens on the Story Page.

  4. Upload File: You can upload files from your computer for others to download from your Story. Please Note: You can only upload files that are below 1MB.

  5. Insert Table: Insert a table into your Story by selecting the number of rows and columns you would like to have in your table. Once you add your table, you will have a lot of customizable options. To read more about the table options, check out the "Table Icons" section of this article. Please Note: The table will only be viewable on the Story Page and not inside the News Digest.

  6. Insert Horizontal Line: Use this to insert a horizontal line into your Story. This can help create some spacing in body text of you Content.

  7. Select All: Use this to select everything inside of the Story Editor.

  8. Clear Formatting: Use this to clear the formatting inside the Story Editor. To avoid formatting errors, we recommend clearing the formatting of any text that you copy and paste into the editor.

  9. Undo: Undo the last action you made in the Story Editor.

  10. Redo: Redo the last undo you made in the Story Editor.

Pro-Cerkler's Tip: When using Copy and Paste into the Story Text Editor, clear the formatting (#8 above in Second Row Icons) and apply the correct settings to your text for best performance.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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