It is very important to keep your Segments up to date to make sure that the right Subscribers are receiving the right emails. You have the ability to add and remove Subscribers in each of your Manual Segments to help you ensure you are communicating with the right audience.

To add a group of new Subscribers to an already existing Segment you would follow the same steps laid out in the article Importing Audience Lists. The Subscribers you uploaded in the CSV will combine with those who are currently in the Segment to create the updated Segment.

There are two ways to add a single Subscriber to a Segment:

The first is to add a Subscriber to a Manual Segment by going to a Subscribers details. To do this go to Audience > Subscribers > search or filter for the Subscriber or group of Subscribers you are looking for > click on the persons name > scroll down to Segments > type in the Segment you would like to add them to and select it.

The second way is to go to Audience > Subscribers > search or filter for {Subscriber} > click the box next to {Subscriber} > Update Segments > Add to segments > enter or use the drop down menu to select the Segment(s) to add them to.

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