An important part of increasing your engagement is by making sure that the content you are creating is engaging. So… what is engaging content?

We believe that for a Story to be engaging it should:

  • Contain new content that gives your Subscribers an opportunity to learn from
  • Be thought provoking, and forces the reader to think or reflect after reading the story
  • Be relevant to today and to your Subscribers interests

To make sure your content meets one of these three requirements then we recommend doing a few of the following:

  1. Take a look at the content inside of your Content Hub and the sources you are pulling content from. Ask yourself and your teammates, if your content meets any of the points above? If you aren’t getting a lot of yes’s then we recommend bringing in a few new content sources you think your subscribers might like, and seeing how these pieces of content perform over the next 60 to 90 days.
  2. Check out your Opportunity Categories inside of your Insights. Go to Insights > Categories > Opportunities to discover what categories your Subscribers are viewing most, then similar to point number 1, go and find content that best fits within those categories and tests that content out to see hope your subscribers viewing behavior reacts to it.

An example of using the above strategies can be the following:

In your efforts to increase your engagement you want to add stories that are more relevant and interesting to your audience. You go to Insights > Categories > Opportunities and see that “Customer Success” is one of your top viewed categories. Knowing this you now go online in search of some of the top customer success thought leaders - you find one and add it as a source inside of your Content Hub. Then you wait about 60 - 90 days till you compare that content's performance and your Newsletter performance to the time period before you added the new source.

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