Your engagement score is a reflection of how your Subscribers have been interacting with your content. It is not a health score but a comparative score that can be used to compare how Subscribers are engaging with your Content.

You can find your Engagement Score for your entire Newsletter Audience in Insights > Channels Newsletters, and you can find individual Subscribers’ Engagement Scores inside of Insights > Audience > Metrics.

Engagement Score is calculated by blending together the calculation of:

  • Open Rate: The percent of Newsletters that had been opened out of all that were delivered.
  • Click Rate: The percent of Newsletters that were opened and then clicked on at least once
  • Super Click Rate: The percent of Newsletters that were opened at least once and clicked on more than once

Each of the above rates is weighted differently (Open Rate and Click Rate are weighted the highest, with Super Click Rate being weighted the lowest) and then entered into an algorithm to give you the Engagement Score.

The goal with Engagement Score is not to get anyone to 100% engagement because that is a very unrealistic thing to do. It is meant to compare Subscribers' engagement to one another and quickly identify those Subscribers who are not engaging with your content as much as others. This allows you to then take time to dive deeper into the metrics of those who’s Engagement Score is low and develop a strategy to increase their score.

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