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Campaigns are used to group related Blasts and Content for organization and review in Insights. With Cerkl Campaigns, communicators can group these in order to keep track of different initiatives, provide insights, or generate reports on the success of those efforts. For information about Filtering Campaigns and other attributes in Insights, please review Filtering Your Insights.


To view the Campaigns page for Blasts or Content, select the Campaigns tab on the left panel.

Team Members must have the following permission to add to, create, and remove Campaigns:

  • Create Blasts

  • Send Blasts

  • Create Content

  • Approve Content

On the Campaigns page, you can Create Campaigns, Edit Names, and Delete Campaigns.

By default, Campaigns are sorted from newest to oldest, based on creation date or the last date of modification. To find your Campaigns, you can search using Campaign names or the creator's name.

You will also find the following information for each campaign:

Campaign Name: Name assigned to the Campaign

Posts/No Posts: indicates if the Campaign is currently assigned to any Content pieces,

Blasts/No Blasts: indicates if the Campaign is currently assigned to any Blasts

Campaign Creator: name of the Team Member who created the Campaign. This will display "Deleted Team Member" for any creator who is deleted from the account.

Date Created: date the Campaign was created. Hovering over the creation date will provide the last date the Campaign was modified.

📖 Recommended Reading:

To learn how to add and remove Blasts to and from Campaigns, please review: How to Add a Blast to a Campaign.

To learn how to add and remove Content to and from Campaigns, please review: How to Add Content to a Campaign

Create Campaigns

There are two ways to create a new Campaign:

From the Campaigns Tab

To create a Campaign from the Campaign tab, click the New Campaign button in the upper right corner of the screen. The Create New Campaign window will request a name for then Campaign, then click Create to confirm. Campaign names have a maximum character count of 55, and must be unique.

Two Campaigns cannot have the same name. Once a Campaign has been created, it will be available for all Admins and Team Members.

From Blast tables & Content Hub

A Campaign can also be created from the Content Hub and any Blast table.

For Blasts, click the ⋮ Ellipsis menu button, then select Manage Campaigns.

For Content, click the Campaigns button under the Story image.

From the Manage Campaigns window, enter the name of a new Campaign. If the name isn't in use, you'll have the option to click the green Create New Campaign selection that appears in the drop-down. This will both create a new Campaign and add the Blast to that Campaign.

Edit Campaigns

To edit a Campaign’s name, click the Ellipsis menu button next to the Campaign you want to update, then select Edit Name. After you assign the Campaign a new name and confirm with the Update button, the Campaign’s name will be updated throughout Cerkl Broadcast.

Delete Campaigns

To delete a Campaign, click the Ellipsis menu button, then select Delete. You will need to confirm this action in the modal that appears.

Please Note: Deleted Campaigns are no longer available for any Admins/Team Members and will be removed from any currently assigned Blasts.

If a Campaign is deleted on accident, you will be able to re-create the Campaign and reassign all communications.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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