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Email-less Subscribers Overview
Email-less Subscribers Overview

Email-less, Emailless

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For organizations with employees who don't have email addresses, but want to share the same stories and events that are available in News Digests, Cerkl Broadcast has you covered: You can add these Email-less subscribers to your audience via your SFTP Multi-File Integration.

Email-less Subscribers in Your Audience

Email-less Subscribers will be present in your Audience table without a visible email address - you'll see their name information and a 'No Email Provided' status under the ID column. Other attributes will work the same as with any other audience members.

Audience members without an Email address will be set by default to a Mobile Only Opt-In status. To remove an Email-less Subscriber, update your integration file to remove the Unique ID and other attributes. This will set their Opt-in status to Unsubscribed.

For information about using Opt-In statuses, please review: Explaining Opt-In Status

If an audience member eventually transitions from Email-less to an Email user, after their Email Address information is updated in your integration, the Opt-In status can be changed to allow News Digests and/or Blasts as well as allowing them to continue to use the Mobile experience.

Enable Email-less Subscribers

To allow Email-less subscribers to be added to your Audience, your organization will need to utilize the Multi-File SFTP Audience Import tool for audience management. If your organization is not currently using the SFTP Multi-File Integration and Import Mapping Utility, please contact your Customer Success Manager or Support to determine next steps.

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For information about the Import Mapping Utility and the Mapping process, please review the following articles:
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When configuring your file import mapping with a file that includes rows without an email address, click the settings gear in the lower left corner to bring up the File Map Settings window. Here, you can toggle on the Mobile Only Opt-In Status which allows the processing of that specific file to accept subscribers without an email address.

After mapping and your first audience sync with SFTP, your Email-less Subscribers will be added to your audience and they'll be able to log in to the Broadcast Mobile app using your chosen Workspace Name, their Unique ID, and any optional Security Question answers you have configured from Mobile Settings.

For information about configuring your Mobile Authentication Settings, please review: Mobile Settings - Authentication.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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