To add additional columns to your Blast, you can either drag and drop new Elements beside an existing element, or you can move an existing Element next to another existing Element. Both of these options are explained below, along with what will happen when you view a Blast that has multiple columns on a mobile device.

Please Note: A Blast can have up to four columns of Elements!

Drag and Drop

If you want to add an Element next to an existing Element, click and drag the Element next to the existing Element. You will see a blue line appear next to Element. When you see this line, you can release the Element to drop it into the Blast Editor.

Moving an Element

If you want to move an existing Element next to another Element to create a column, hover over the Element you want to move. Click the first icon (two columns of dots) and drag the Element where you want it placed. You will see a blue line appear, and that is when you can release the Element to move it.

Please Note: You will NOT see the overlay icons if you are currently editing any Elements. To see the icon, you will need to make sure you do not have any element currently selected - You can confirm this when all Elements are listed on the right panel.

Display of Elements on Mobile

When a Blast is viewed on a mobile device, it will only show as one Element wide. If there are multiple columns in your Blast, the Elements will stack from left to right.

To learn ways you can ensure your Blasts looks how you would like when viewed on a mobile device, check out this article.

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