To schedule and send a Blast during different time zones, you will first need to add time zones to your Subscriber Attributes and create Segments for these time zones. To learn how to create a Dynamic Segment based on time zones, check out this article.

Once you create your time zone Segments, you can schedule a Blast to be sent at specific times depending on the different time zones. To do so, you will need to save your Blast as a draft, duplicate it, and then direct it towards a specific time zone Segment. For more in-depth instruction, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Blast: Blasts > Create New > give your Blast a name and use the Elements to create your Blast.

  2. Sending Info: Add a Subject Line and choose a Sender Profile/enter Sender Info.

  3. Save as Draft: Click Save as Draft to save this Blast as a Draft.

  4. Duplicate the Drafted Blast: Go to Blasts > Drafts. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of the Blast you drafted > click Duplicate Blast and the Blast editor will open.

  5. Add Segments to Send To: Audience > Targeted > Target by Segment. Select one of your time zone Segments that you want this Blast to go to.

  6. Change the Blast Name: Change the name of the duplicated Blast to reflect the Blast’s information and the time zone Segment you are sending to.

  7. Schedule your Blast to be Sent: Schedule or Send > select the date and time you want this Blast to be sent.

    PLEASE NOTE: Broadcast uses the time zone your computer is set to as a default when scheduling your Blast (this default time zone will be noted directly under the place where you select your time). When you choose a time, you need to calculate when it will be sent based on your computer’s time zone and the time zone Segment you are sending to.

    FOR EXAMPLE: My computer is set to EST, and I want all my Subscribers to receive their Blast at 4:00pm IN THEIR TIME ZONE. Below are the times I would schedule each Blast for these Segments (so they receive it at 4pm):

    • PST (Pacific Standard Time) Segment:

      • 3 hours behind, so I would schedule it at 7:00pm EST

    • MST (Mountain Standard Time) Segment:

      • 2 hours behind, so I would schedule it at 6:00pm EST

    • CST (Central Standard Time) Segment:

      • 1 hour behind, so I would schedule it at 5:00pm EST

    • EST (Eastern Standard Time) Segment:

      • Same time zone, so I would schedule it at 4:00pm EST

  8. Go back to Blasts > Drafts: Repeat steps 4 - 8 until you have scheduled to send this Blast to all the desired time zone Segments that you would like to receive this Blast.

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