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How Do I Schedule Blasts to Send at the Same Time in Different Time Zones?
How Do I Schedule Blasts to Send at the Same Time in Different Time Zones?

Scheduling Blasts Using Different Time Zones, Time Zone Segments

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To schedule and send a Blast during different time zones, you first need to add time zones to your Subscriber Attributes and create Segments for these time zones. To learn how to create a Dynamic Segment based on time zones, check out this article.

Once you create your time zone Segments, you can schedule Blasts to be sent in different time zones. To do so, you need to save your Blast as a draft, duplicate it, and then direct it toward a specific time zone Segment. For more in-depth instructions, follow the steps below.

In-Depth Steps

  1. Create a Blast: Blasts > Create New > give your Blast a name and use the Elements to create your Blast.

  2. Sending Info: Add a Subject Line and choose a Sender Profile/enter Sender Info.

  3. Save as Draft: Click Save as Draft to save this Blast as a Draft.

  4. Duplicate the Drafted Blast: Go to Blasts > Drafts. Click the three horizontal dots to the right of the Blast you drafted. Click Duplicate Blast and the Blast editor will open.

  5. Add a Segment: Audience > Targeted > Target by Segment. Select one of your time zone Segments that you want this Blast to go to.

  6. Change the Blast Name: Change the name of the duplicated Blast to reflect the Blast’s information and the time zone Segment you are sending to.

  7. Schedule your Blast to be Sent: Schedule or Send > select the date and time you want this Blast to be sent. If you would like your Blast to send based on your browser time zone, there’s no need to alter the default shown. To use a Custom Time Zone, click Set Custom > select the time zone in the menu > click Update.

  8. Go back to Blasts > Drafts: Repeat steps 4-7 until you have scheduled to send this Blast to all the desired time zone Segments that you would like to receive this Blast.

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