Yes! You can add time zones to Dynamic Segments if you have the Subscribers’ time zones included in the API Integration.

If data for this Subscriber Attribute is in your Broadcast Instance, here is how you create a Dynamic Segment based on time zone. Go to Audience > Segments > Create New > Dynamic. From there:

  1. Click the Select Attribute drop-down and click Time Zone.

  2. Select an operator from the Select Operator drop-down (Is, Is Not, Is Blank, Is Not Blank).

  3. Select a time zone from the Select Option drop-down list.

Once you have made all the rules and rule sets you would like for your new time zone Dynamic Segment, just click the blue Create Segment button.

You can now target your communications based on where your Subscribers are located. This is going to let you send Blasts to Subscribers at the time that makes the most sense for them to receive it based on where they live.

To learn how to schedule Blasts to send at the same time in different time zones, check out this article.

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