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What the Mobile App Looks Like, Looking Inside the Mobile App

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It’s time to look inside the Cerkl Broadcast App to see what you will find under all the icons.

If you need help downloading or logging into the Mobile App, check out this article first.

Note: Only Broadcast Instances with the Ultimate Plan are eligible to use the Cerkl Broadcast Mobile App.

Top Screen Navigation Icons

Hamburger Menu

When you click the hamburger menu, you will see:

  • Name: Your Name

  • Email: If you're sign in using email authentication, you'll see email address currently logged into the Mobile App.

  • Logout: To logout, Tap Logout to the right of your name.

  • Instance Name: This is the Broadcast Instance you are currently viewing.
    If you're a member of multiple instances and signed in via email authentication, to view a different Instance, click the down arrow to the right of the name of the Instance you are currently viewing and a dropdown list will open.

  • Depending on your Broadcast’s Mobile Settings, you may also see:

    • Custom Links: Tap a link to be brought to a webpage directly from the Mobile App.

    • Contact Us: This feature allows you to send an email to your Instance.

  • Preferences: Configure your Personalization Preferences for:

    • Category Interests

    • News Digest Delivery Layout and Schedule

    • Followed Authors

    • Name & Privacy Settings.

  • Settings: Tap Settings to view/do any of the following:

    • Notifications: Takes you to the Broadcast-specific settings inside the settings app on your mobile device.

    • Privacy Policy: This link takes you to Cerkl Broadcast’s Privacy Policy.

    • Terms of Service: This link takes you to Cerkl Broadcast’s Terms of Service.

    • Logout: Tapping Logout will log you out of the Cerkl Broadcast App.

Search Icon (top-right):

Click the search icon to open a search bar. To search, select a category from underneath the search bar (All News, Stories, Needs, or Events), and then search for the Content you wish to view.

Bottom Screen Navigation Icons

Home Icon:

On the home page, you will see Content that you have NOT viewed yet. As you scroll down the page, the Content shown will start with priority and move onto trending stories, stories recommended for you, and so on based on your interests.

If you want to REMOVE a piece of Content from your home page, you have three different options depending on the type of Content:

  1. Any Content: On the home page, click the piece of Content to view it. Once viewed, it will no longer appear on your home page (as long as the page is refreshed).

  2. Priority Content ONLY: On the home page, click the three dots in the top right corner of the Content and click Dismiss.

  3. NON-Priority Content: On the home page, slide your finger from right to left all the way across your screen, over the piece of Content you would like to remove, to Dismiss it.

Note: If you dismiss OR open Priority Content on your home page, it will also dismiss in your notifications.

Directory Icon (optional):

Depending on your Cerkl Broadcast Settings, you may also see the directory icon at the bottom of your screen. The Directory page inside the Cerkl Broadcast App contains a list of names and emails Subscribed to your Broadcast Instance. The names listed are dependent on Subscriber attributes that have been added to your Instance via the Subscriber Upload Process or via the API.

In the top right corner of the Directory page, you can search for a specific Subscriber. When you click on the Subscriber name/email, you may also see (depending on your Mobile App Settings) their phone number, job title, and location.

To learn how to edit the directory settings, check out this article.

Bell Icon:

This icon will take you to your Notifications page. Here you will see the Priority Content that you have NOT opened yet. If you have any unread notifications, you will see a notification alert (red dot with the number of unread notifications) on the bell icon.

To remove a notification alert, you can either view the Content or dismiss the alert:

  1. View: On your Notification page, click the piece of Content to remove the alert.

  2. Dismiss: On your Notification page, click the three dots in the top right of the piece of Content > click Dismiss to remove the alert.

Note: When you view Content OR dismiss a notification, it will remove it from the home page (if the page is refreshed).

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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