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Explaining the Directory

The Directory page inside the Cerkl Broadcast App contains a list of names and emails Subscribed to your Broadcast Instance. The names listed are dependent on Subscriber attributes that have been added to your Instance via the Subscriber Upload Process or via the API.

πŸ“ Reminder: Click Save in the top right corner of your screen to save changes.

If the directory is turned ON in your Mobile App Settings, the directory icon will appear at the bottom of your phone screen. Below, I will explain how to turn the directory ON/OFF and how to select what information is included in the directory inside your Mobile App.

Updating the Directory

You have the ability to turn the directory ON/OFF in the Mobile App, and you can choose what information is presented in the directory when it is turned ON.

Turning the Directory ON/OFF

Go to Settings > Mobile > Settings and scroll down to Show Directory. Here you can either toggle Show Directory ON or OFF.

If you toggle this ON, the directory icon will present on the bottom of the Mobile App.

If you toggle this OFF, the directory icon will NOT be visible in the App.

Display Options in the Directory

When toggled ON, Mobile App users will be able to see names and emails when scrolling through the Directory page. If you choose to add more information to the directory, the additional information can be seen when a Subscriber clicks on a name inside the directory.

To add additional information, select any or all of the options underneath Show Directory inside your Mobile Settings. These options are also listed below:

  • Display Phone Number: The phone number shown in the mobile app directory is the phone number listed for the Subscriber in your Subscriber attribute data.

  • Display Job Type: The job type shown in the mobile app directory is the job type listed for the Subscriber in your Subscriber attribute data.

  • Display Location: The location shown in the mobile app is determined by the most specific location available for the given user based on your Subscriber attribute data. So, if location 5 exists, that will be used; if not, location 4 will be used, then location 3, then location 2, and lastly location 1 will be used if all other locations do not exist.

    • Example: Subscriber "A" has the following Subscriber attribute locations: Location 1 - United States, Location 2 - West Region, Location 3 - California, and Location 4 - LA Office. The location filed in the mobile app directory for Subscriber "A" will show "LA Office" because that is the most specific location available for this Subscriber.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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