Inside the GDPR Settings, you are able to choose the personalization default for Subscribers who have not yet chosen their personalization level during the personalization process.

To find your GDPR Settings, go to Audience > Controls > scroll to the bottom of the page > click the GDPR Settings link.

Once you click the GDPR Settings link, a pop-up modal will appear. Here you will have the option to choose from four different privacy levels for your Subscriber’s default personalization:

  1. Personalize each individual’s experience. - Recommended

    • Each Subscriber will have a personalized experience based on their explicit and implicit interests, and Insights will be tracked.

  2. Personalize each individual’s experience but do not learn about them.

    • Subscriber can personalize through the personalization process and Insights will be tracked, but there will be no personalization based implicit interests.

  3. Personalize each individual’s experience but do not report on activity.

    • Subscriber experience will be personalized based on implicit and explicit interests, but no Insights will come from these experiences.

  4. Do not personalize each individual's experience.

    • No personalization will be added to a Subscriber’s experience and no Insights will be tracked.

You MUST have the consent of your Subscribers to update these settings. If you do, after you select a default privacy level, check the box to the left of “I have the consent of all my subscribers to update their privacy settings.”

When you are finished, click the blue Update button at the bottom-left of the pop-up modal.

To learn more about the differences between implicit and explicit interest in different Categories, check out this article.

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