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When creating/editing Content inside the Story Editor, you can preview what your Content will look like on the Story Page, inside your News Digest, or the live article.

Preview from Content Editor

To preview your Content, open the Story Editor for the piece of Content you want to preview > click Preview (located at the top right of your screen).

Once you click Preview, a pop-up modal will provide the option to view your Content as it would appear on the Story Page and inside a Subscriber's News Digest.

Story Page Preview

This preview is how Subscribers will see your Content once they click on it inside of their News Digest, in the Mobile App or on your Content Archive page.

The Story Page preview is only available for manually created Content. This is because any Content pulled in from an external source will live on the URL it is being pulled from, so there is no need to preview it.

News Digest Preview

This view is how Subscribers will see your Content inside their News Digest.

View Content from Content Hub

When wanting to view content as live that's hosted on Cerkl Broadcast or when sharing a story which came from another source, you can use the View Content button from below the Story image.

This will open the story or link in another tab, and will even load not yet published or expired content in a view as if it's live.

Check Link Status from Content Editor

If you're sharing a story from another source or using the Share a Link feature, you can check if the link is valid and active using the Check Link option from the Content editor. This will open a new tab loading the URL inserted in the Article Url field.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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