Your Newsletter Insights are broken down into three sections: Cerkl Snapshot, Subscriber Metrics, and Delivery Metrics.

Your Cerkl Snapshot contains four important metrics:

  • Engagement Score - This score is based on an algorithm which takes into account how subscribers engage with your newsletter. For example a subscriber who clicks around in your newsletter and views multiple articles could have an engagement score of 90, while a Subscriber who occasionally views stories inside of your newsletter could have a score of 30.
  • Open Rate - This metric shows percentage of your audience who opens your newsletters when they receive them. This is calculated by dividing the number of unique times a Subscriber has opened your newsletter by the number of Subscribers the Newsletter was delivered to.
  • Click Through Rate(CTR) - This is the rate that your audience clicks through your newsletter. CTR = Clicks/Opens. EX: If your news letter was opened 50 times but only 25 Subscribers clicked on a story then your Click Through Rate would be 50%.
  • Percent Personalized - This metric is the percentage of your audience that is receiving personalized content. This number does not represent the percentage of Subscribers who have filled out the welcome email, but instead looks at that and also accounts for Subscribers who have interacted with enough content in the past to be able to receive personalized news.

At the bottom of each metric you will see one of three prompts:

  • "Awesome, Keep it up" in green. This means you are doing great for this metric
  • "Almost, Try this" in yellow. This means your current metric is decent but you still have great opportunity to improve. You can click the phrase in yellow to be taken to an article on how to improve this metric
  • "Let's Increase This" in red. This means that you can do much better to improve this metric. We highly recommend clicking on the phrase to be taken to a help desk article on how to improve this metric

Here you are given three metrics: Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Click Thru Rate.

You have the ability to compare these metrics to the National Average, those of other Cerkls of the same size - these include all Cerkls, and those of other Cerkls of the same industry - These include all Cerkls in your industry. This comparison percentage is shown in grey under yours for each metric. You can do this by clicking on drop down box next to Compare to: in the top right corner of the Delivery Metrics section.

  • Delivery Rate - This is the percentage of all newsletters that were delivered to how many Newsletters were sent
  • Open Rate - This the percentage of Newsletters that were opened to the number of Newsletters that were delivered. Open Rate = total Newsletters Opened / total number of Newsletters Delivered
  • Click-Thru Rate - This is the rate that your audience ( who opens your Newsletter) clicks through your newsletter. CTR = total number of Clicks / total number of Opens

You can click on the arrow next to any of these metrics to go to your Individual Content Metrics, where you can take a deep dive into metrics for the individuals pieces of content you have included in your newsletter.

Here you are given three key metrics about your audience: Total Audience of your Cerkl, the number of new subscribers and the number of unsubscribes in the time period you have selected. You can select the time period you would like to view by clicking the box with the calendar icon in the top right corner of the window.

  • Total Audience - These are the total of Subscribers in your Cerkl
  • Increased Subscribers - These are the number of new Subscribers to your Cerkl in the time period you selected
  • Unsubscribes - These are the number of Unsubscribes from your Cerkl in the time period you selected.

You can click the right facing arrow next to each one of these metrics to be take to Audience Metrics so you can take a deeper dive into your audience insights.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the help bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer!

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