Your Cerkl keeps track of all Audience Members who are unsubscribed from your Cerkl. To view you Unsubscribes go to Audience > Unsubscribes.

Here you will see the Name, Email, Date Opted-Out, and if they were unsubscribed by Admin or not.

The by Admin column is important because if an Audience Member was unsubscribed by an Admin of your Cerkl then you have the ability to re-subscribe them to your Cerkl if needed. But, if the Audience Member unsubscribed themselves from your Cerkl then you will not be able to re-subscribe them to your Cerkl. This is because of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

When viewing your Unsubscribes you can filter them by Unsubscribe Date by clicking the orange filter icon in the top right > Filter by Unsubscribe Date > Apply Filters

You also have the option to export this list to a CSV file. You can do this by clicking the Export button in the top right.

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