Are you trying to connect external content sources (RSS/Atom feeds) to your Cerkl Broadcast system but need to prioritize certain entries?

In any RSS or Atom feed, Cerkl treats all items or entries as updates with normal priority. Cerkl's xmlns (XML namespace) enables users to specify content priority and also its type: Needs or Events. You can find more information on how to include our xmlns in source feeds here.

Items in a feed will not be pulled in if the item’s date is properly formatted and an hour old, the item doesn’t have a date, title, or link, the RSS item doesn’t have a description or the item’s title is the same as another post from the past 30 days.

To view your current RSS/Atom sources, head over to your Content > Sources menu and take a look at how you can link new feeds:

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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